Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Fall break was very restful-shopping, Cedar Point, fresh cleaned clothes, trip to Columbus and saw best friend :), pizza, movies, friends, and panera twice in ONE weekend :)
I got observed by my supervisor and still to this day I am very pleased and impressed with myself. I am a natural when it comes to asking open ended questions :) I am so blessed by the Lord to be called into teaching. I honestly to tell in my heart this is where he called me-to pour love and encouragment into children, to love them even when they make me mad and want to rip my hair out. I did have an awful lesson on Monday but today I redeemed myself and I got a HUGE smile from my cooperative teacher after the lesson was done :)

Over the weekend I made dinner for some friends, went apple and pumpkin picking, watched the Rockets BEAT the flashes, worshipped the lord, and played ultimate. It was a very relaxing weekend that is for sure. On Friday I am leaving in the morning for Buffalo, NY to go to a mini project reunion. I am stoked to see some of my friends from the summer, stay up LATE, have girl talks and just enjoy my friends from the summer that I know I will NEVER forget.

Now, I am sure you are wondering why my title is 5683. Well in the town my school is in, there is KLOVE on the radio. This week has been their pledge drive and this morning while I was driving to school they were talking about a story about a lady and her little boy. Basically 5683 is the last 4 digits of their telephone number and at the end of the story those numbers saved a little boys life. In their family they said 5683 to express that they loved each other instead of shouting LOVE YOU in public. So today, while I was waiting for my classmate Emily to get to the school so we could walk into together, I texted her that and she sent me the same thing I sent her. It basically made each of our days. It even made my day that a 5 year old kindergartener sat in her class during snack time and prayed before she ate it :) Little kids who love the Lord are seriously so encouraging and so sweet to my heart

Friday, October 8, 2010

Fall Break

Fall Semester is half-way over. Holy Cow!!! Im on fall break right now. I've taught 2 lessons to my kindergarten class and I am loving being in the classroom. I know this is what the Lord has called me to do :)
Fall is def. here and I am loving all the changes in the air. October is by far my favorite month(well besides December :) ) I cant believe that I have already registered for my last semester of classes and that I student teach in Jan! Insane!! Classes are really easy right now. Placement, I'm loving it. I am so missing my project friends. I am starting to really hate being alone all the time in my apartment. I am looking forward to having a few fun things happen to me this coming week. I am wanting to hang out with some friends and bond with a ton of girls :)