Thursday, July 28, 2011

Never eating Chipotle ever again :(

Work it out:
Tues: 20-20-20
Thursday: Working out after nannying

I survived going to the zoo with Lily and Jack yesterday. We didnt have any fights, other than Jack mocking me around 2PM, but hey we lived.
Yes I ate Chipotle last night, and then about an hour afterwards I got sick :( I still feel really crappy. I have had a migraine since Tuesday and it wont go away :( I just wanna feel better. I am def. eating light today. I am going to the rec after work today. If I feel better by then. If not then Ill just come home and go to bed :(

Does anyone have tips on how to tone up problem areas(thighs, butts, stomachs) I just am so sick of not being happy. I am crying right now thinking about it. I didnt eat sweets for a year(started summer of 09 and ended it like June 10) and I cant seem to get myself off of them again :( I dont drink pop, really dont eat pasta or breads. My down fault of life is sweets :(

Please pray for me.

Next time I post, Im gonna share about my faith. Please leave questions about anything again :)

Monday, July 25, 2011

When your Faith seems to Fail

Work it out:
Sunday-30 minutes of elliptical and bike
Monday-look at Sunday

Yesterday I went to church in the morning. I placed my things in my usual pew and then went to the bathroom. I came back, and a bunch of high schoolers were in the row. Well during the first worship song, more came to the row and basically I was sitting in the middle of the aisle. I got kicked out of the row. I grabbed my bible, journal, and purse and was going to just head home. My friend Jordon's mom was sitting behind me and told me to sit with her. I started to cry. I had no motivation to sing worship songs or be in church. Lately I have been feeling really unwanted, unworthy and unloved. I'm not sure if its because I dont have much community at home, or because I dont feel like Im getting fed. Yes I read my bible, and journal, but I dont feel like I am getting poured into anymore. I hate living at home. My family isnt Christian, so I feel so trapped and not one of them. I HATE living at home with my mom and brother. It really sucks. The house reminds me so much of dad, and its so incredibly hard. I want to move out, but I cant afford it. Yes my faith in God is my own. I did learn how to be a Christ follower on my own, but sometimes its so hard when you dont have much encouragement, not much really going into you.

Q and A Time:

Are your sibling(s) younger or older than you?
I have a brother who is 20. He is about 3 years younger than me. His name is Michael, and he attends THE Ohio State University where he is majoring in Economics.

What's your favorite thing to do to relax?

My favorite thing to do to relax is read a book, or listen to Pandora Music

Do you have any pets?

We had a cat Muffy until I was 15, but I havent had one since. I do want one sometime soon though!

Post more Questions for me to answer :)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

I did it

Well I think the Praxis today went well!! I felt really calm. One of the case studies I had, I have had it before, so I knew how to answer it :) I recognized about 10-15 of the multiple choice questions.

I havent been working out lately because it has been really hot outside. I dont want to pass out. I have passed out before from being overheated so I dont want that to happen again. I also have not had much motivation to work out. I just wish I had a workout buddy or something. Im not feeling it, I havent had time this week because of VBS, and I just dont have motivation.

So people I have noticed have been doing a Q and A on their blogs. I want to do it!! Leave me questions about anything-school, family, My relationship with the Lord, sports, things I did in high school, struggles I have, whatever you want. Email me or leave a comment.

This is Yours

I havent done any workout this week :( Hopefully tonight!

This week was so crazy. Tuesday-Friday I nannied and had VBS. Needless to say I barely had time to blog, workout or even eat. Im so glad that they fed the workers this week at VBS or else I was not going to be having dinner all week.

Taking my Praxis 2 today at 11. I am then moving some MORE stuff out of my apartment and then going to be a lazy bum at home. May organize some stuff and then do laundry. Whoo! Im a party animal! haha Im trusting that God has a HUGE plan for my life and that I WILL get a 166 today!!!

Slowing getting things ready so that I can try to sub this fall.

Perkins School District App-
Renhill for Sandusky/Huron-

Monday, July 18, 2011

Ho Hum!

Work it out:
Wed-two miles
Saturday-ran around with a 3 yr old for like 2 hours
Monday-Possibly doing yoga

Wednesday night I got to help lead worship at a bible study I went to. It was so much fun! I hope I get to lead worship again soon!!
Thursday I had to nanny, and I basically studied for my Praxis like all day. The kids were playing with friends so yeah.
Friday went to Imagination Station, and we had to leave because the boy had a HUGE tantrum and I had to literally drag him out. I had all sorts of people staring at us while we were trying to leave. Needless to say I was so embarrassed.
Saturday, I went and saw Harry Potter with my mom and brother, hung out with two girls for a few hours(hello ice cream) and then ate dinner with their family.
Yesterday I went to church, then helped Meg(the Youth pastors wife) set up her room for Vacation Bible School. It starts today! Im so excited I am helping to lead worship this week. I cant wait to show these little children how to worship a living God!!
I was going to run this morning, but it waslike 83 at 750 this morning so I said UH no thanks!! I am KILLING for a good run though. I ate ice cream twice on Saturday(someone please bury me now). I am hoping to get some sun today!! I dont have to nanny today. Whoo!! I went to the bank and then to get my BCI/FBI done(so I can sub in the fall)

I ate only cereal yesterday. I was barely hungry all day and that is basically all that sounded good. I know I am such a loser. hah

It is suppose to be in the high 90s all week. I hope I can survive this weather. Def. NOT going to try to run if its hot, I cant afford to risk it.(I have been known to pass out in the hot heat(gymnastics))

Readers, please be safe in this heat this week! I dont want to hear any sad stories of someone passing out, or throwing up because they got overheated. Be safe!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I want more of you God

I think you should watch that video :)

The song is called Set on Fire. Listen to the words. and close your eyes. Let the words just melt your heart. I want this song to be my prayer!

123 this is the job for me..well at this moment in my life.

Work it out:
Sunday-Elliptical, running and biking.
Monday-4 mile run
Tuesday-Rest Day
Today-2 mile run

Well I really have to say that being a nanny has it's challenges. I am learning how to handle children in a small setting. I really dont know these children, so I dont know their likes or dislikes. I dont know their families or their backgrounds that well. Needless to say its different watching children I barely know. Lets just say that yesterday was just as much a challenge as it was on Monday. Today, I have the day off. Lily is sick, but I'll be back there tomorrow morning.

"God never witholds from His child that which His love and wisdom call good. God's refusals are always merciful -- "severe mercies" at times but mercies all the same. God never denies us our hearts desire except to give us something better."
— Elisabeth Elliot

You know, I had to wait a long time for a job. His love and timing worked in which I got the job when it was him timing for the plan for my life. This might be a huge challenge at the moment, but its God's mercy and grace that will get me through these 6 weeks. Some day I will have a better job, a better income, and will have the tools and be equipped to handle children whose parents are going through a divorce.

In other news--I got invited to ANOTHER wedding yesterday. Its in August. I thought I was done with weddings for the summer. O well over it. It will be fun.

Today is the 18th week since I chopped my hair. I want it to grow faster than it is thats for sure. I miss french braids, side pony tails. Hair that can do more than go down and into a little nub of a ponytail.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Do you like giveaways?!

So I started nannying yesterday. I survived up until 330. The boy hit and kicked me. All because I wanted him to clean up his toys. Yeah lovely. Today is going to be a LOVELY day.

I ran last night. My legs were so tight and sore. IDK why, I stretch and stuff. RAWR!!


You should really check out Ruth's blog..and enter her giveaway. DO.IT.RIGHT.NOW!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

License Plate Game

Yesterday I got up at 6Am, got ready and then headed off to Illinois to pick up my friend Terah. We then drove to Perioa, IL, went to Wendys and then met the others(Margo, Katy, Tyler, and Zach) at the hotel. We got ready and then drove the 10 minutes to the winery where Stacey and Tyler got married :)
It was SUPER hot outside and I almost passed out. It was a beautiful ceremony though!!! We went to the reception and just had a great time :)

We ate breakfast together, and then Terah and I took off to go back to Chicago so she can get home!! I got back to OH around 540. Now Im doing laundry, packing, and cleaning my room. I am going back to Toledo tomorrow for the week so that I can nanny in Perrysburg :)

Fun Tidbits of my road trip:
~I only had to get gas 3 times there and back. I am SO grateful my car is terrific on gas.
~I named my GPS....his name is Gregory. He got me there and took part of my lovely trip there and back.
~I ate so much garbage these past two days:Clif bars, graham crackers trail mix, Wendys(chicken nuggets and apple slices) Wedding dinner(cheese, vegges, salad with strawberries, chicken, mashed potatoes, a few sips of red and white wine(at a winery gotta try the wine), cake, and some candys) cinnamon roll, orange, yogurt and toast.
~I saw LOTS of country flat lands in the three states I traveled through.
~I totally missed the hour of 1 o clock today!!
~I decided to play the license plate game yesterday when I was traveling to Perioa with Terah. If I was truly playing this game I would have won!!!

License plates I saw:(This is NOT a lie!!)
21.New York
23.Rhode Island
24.West Virginia
25.New Jersey
28.North Carolina
29.South Carolina
Totally felt like I traveled the country in three states total!! Hah

Well I am off to cleaning my room some more, finishing laundry and reading blogs!!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Missing Sheets

I so need to complain/vent right now. So after I was at the rec center for 2 hours today(I was really wanting a good workout/I have nothing else better to do so why not) I head to the bank, and then came back here to shower/throw my bed sheets into the wash. I figured I would take home some clean sheets while moving out things. Well I threw everything into the dryer and when I went down to pick everything up from the basement, I noticed that my pile was feeling a little light. I got back into my nice cool apartment(the hallway feels like you are in a sauna or something its so hot and dry) I dropped everything on my bedroom floor and started to fold my pile. Well while I was shaking out the mattress sheet, I noticed the sheet was gone. Like I have no clue in the world where it went. I started to panic. Went back to the washer and dryer I used. Both empty. Retraced my steps. Nothing at all on the steps or floor. I checked my closet. Nothing. Someone in my apartment complex STOLE my bed sheet. WHAT IN THE WORLD?! Seriously?! I am so annoyed right now. I even called and complained. I got laughed at. FOR REAL?! Well that caused all of my frustrations to even filter to the top more, and the water works came pouring down my face. I have had so much bad stuff happen to me in this apartment all year living here, and this was like the last straw. UGH :( Can I please have a hug, chocolate, ice cream, a kid to play with, a back massage, or a really awesome surprise be given to me right now?

Well, I'm off to the store to get a few things for breakfast tomorrow(I ate at Panera this morning because all I have in my apartment for food is applesauce, garlic bread, frozen veggies, pb, and some noodles) Needless to say, I decided to go for yummy bagels and muffins for breakfast. I hope you all have a great weekend :) Im off to Illinois in the morning for a wedding, to see project friends and to just get away.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tired, hungry, lonely, and green towels

Work it out:
Sunday-4 mile run
Tuesday-elliptical, bike, lifting
Wednesday-look at Tuesday please

Sunday I went to church, came home, ate lunch, then took the youth pastors kids to the park, came home, ate dinner, then relaxed, ran and went to bed.

Monday I chilled in my room all day long until 5 when I went to Cedar Point, played putt putt with 4 married couples, and saw the fireworks. O yeah I got to skype with my friend Alecia. She is in Berlin right now on a summer project-like what I did last summer, but she is out of the country.

Yesterday I ran to the library, drove to Toledo, ate lunch, went to the rec, showered, chilled and then went to my meeting for the nanny position. I am going there tomorrow to meet their current nanny, see their favorite places, and basically see if I really wanna do this. I DO :) So Monday until like the end of August I will have a nanny position. I am soo excited!

Today I drove back to Sandusky, babysat for 2 hrs, drove back to Toledo, changed, went to the rec and now I am just relaxing until I go to dinner tonight with my friend Emily!! So stinking excited to see her :)

This weekend I am going to Illinois for a wedding on Friday, and like 85% sure Im going to a grad party on Saturday. A lot of driving but its okay. Any plans for the weekend?

I have been journaling my eats this week and today I like seriously pigged out when I was babysitting, bc i dont have any food here in my apartment so i basically made sure I like ate like i was a starving kid in africa. oops Please dont mind my un capitalized words. I dont really have the energy to be a grammar nazi today.

If you still want any of the recipes from my last post, please let me know. I would LOVE to post them for ya!!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Stupid computer and internet

My computers internet button was OFF yesterday(no idea how that happened) but I fixed it. Last night I was super bored sitting at home all alone like I always happen to do and decided to type a blog on Word so that I can post it when my internet was working again. Enjoy!!

Work it out:
Wed-1 mile run
Wednesday I went to Cedar point with my friend Melissa for a few hours and then went to church. On Thursday, I drove down to Columbus and went to the water park at the zoo. I totally thought of you Miss Redsoxwife(Ruth) the whole time I was down there!! It was a blast to hang out with my friend Jen for the day and to not worry about anything. I drove down to my grandmas that evening and grabbed dinner with her. I hung out with my grandma all day yesterday and drove back home to Sandusky today. I am teaching Sunday school in the morning(Which went amazing, the 6 kids I had were seriously angels!!) and then going to probably send the day in the sun. Even though I got burnt on Thursday I still want to go outside. Hopefully I get in a run this coming week. I def. hate the fact I haven’t ran since Wednesday, but being busy is okay. I have been eating pretty well lately. Hopefully I can lose a few pounds. I have a job interview on Tuesday to be a nanny. Pray I get this job!!
Which recipe would you like next?
1. Chocolate Chip-banana bread
2. 2.Spunky Monkey Snack Mix
3. Peanut-butter and Banana waffle-wiches
4. Summer Citrus Fruit Salad
5. Light n Creamy Tropical Dessert
6. Cranberry swirl pumpkin cheesecake
Vote for which recipe you want and I will post it next time I blog 

Totally want to vent right now: I have been feeling VERY down on myself. Cant find a job. Cant lose a little bit of weight. Cant find the one the Lord has for me. Cant seem to have any friends want to hang out with me. All I want to do is be skinny, have a job, a boyfriend, some friends, and a baking party to give to the ones I love! Can I be given a break sometime?