Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tired, hungry, lonely, and green towels

Work it out:
Sunday-4 mile run
Tuesday-elliptical, bike, lifting
Wednesday-look at Tuesday please

Sunday I went to church, came home, ate lunch, then took the youth pastors kids to the park, came home, ate dinner, then relaxed, ran and went to bed.

Monday I chilled in my room all day long until 5 when I went to Cedar Point, played putt putt with 4 married couples, and saw the fireworks. O yeah I got to skype with my friend Alecia. She is in Berlin right now on a summer project-like what I did last summer, but she is out of the country.

Yesterday I ran to the library, drove to Toledo, ate lunch, went to the rec, showered, chilled and then went to my meeting for the nanny position. I am going there tomorrow to meet their current nanny, see their favorite places, and basically see if I really wanna do this. I DO :) So Monday until like the end of August I will have a nanny position. I am soo excited!

Today I drove back to Sandusky, babysat for 2 hrs, drove back to Toledo, changed, went to the rec and now I am just relaxing until I go to dinner tonight with my friend Emily!! So stinking excited to see her :)

This weekend I am going to Illinois for a wedding on Friday, and like 85% sure Im going to a grad party on Saturday. A lot of driving but its okay. Any plans for the weekend?

I have been journaling my eats this week and today I like seriously pigged out when I was babysitting, bc i dont have any food here in my apartment so i basically made sure I like ate like i was a starving kid in africa. oops Please dont mind my un capitalized words. I dont really have the energy to be a grammar nazi today.

If you still want any of the recipes from my last post, please let me know. I would LOVE to post them for ya!!


Lindsay and James Cotter said...

a lot of driving but wow, sounds like a lot of fun! Hope you get to enjoy it allie! and p.s.
You won the sunchlorella. Email your address to send to the company!
cottercrunch at hotmail dot com.

Lindsey said...

Sounds great! How exciting that you'll be a nanny!! :D

[Red Sox] Wife said...

congrats on the nanny job!!!!!! i knew you would find something!!!!

have a great time in illinois!!!