Monday, July 18, 2011

Ho Hum!

Work it out:
Wed-two miles
Saturday-ran around with a 3 yr old for like 2 hours
Monday-Possibly doing yoga

Wednesday night I got to help lead worship at a bible study I went to. It was so much fun! I hope I get to lead worship again soon!!
Thursday I had to nanny, and I basically studied for my Praxis like all day. The kids were playing with friends so yeah.
Friday went to Imagination Station, and we had to leave because the boy had a HUGE tantrum and I had to literally drag him out. I had all sorts of people staring at us while we were trying to leave. Needless to say I was so embarrassed.
Saturday, I went and saw Harry Potter with my mom and brother, hung out with two girls for a few hours(hello ice cream) and then ate dinner with their family.
Yesterday I went to church, then helped Meg(the Youth pastors wife) set up her room for Vacation Bible School. It starts today! Im so excited I am helping to lead worship this week. I cant wait to show these little children how to worship a living God!!
I was going to run this morning, but it waslike 83 at 750 this morning so I said UH no thanks!! I am KILLING for a good run though. I ate ice cream twice on Saturday(someone please bury me now). I am hoping to get some sun today!! I dont have to nanny today. Whoo!! I went to the bank and then to get my BCI/FBI done(so I can sub in the fall)

I ate only cereal yesterday. I was barely hungry all day and that is basically all that sounded good. I know I am such a loser. hah

It is suppose to be in the high 90s all week. I hope I can survive this weather. Def. NOT going to try to run if its hot, I cant afford to risk it.(I have been known to pass out in the hot heat(gymnastics))

Readers, please be safe in this heat this week! I dont want to hear any sad stories of someone passing out, or throwing up because they got overheated. Be safe!!

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Lindsey said...

Ice cream and cereal = best stuff EVER!!!!