Thursday, March 29, 2012

A favor

I just really need prayer. I need my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to pray for me. To cry out to the Heavenly Father for me. I cant do it right now. I am struggling really bad today. I dont want to go into details, but just pray I feel love, joy, happiness, peace. Maybe even get a hug. I just am so so weary right now.

I also passed out working out today.
Was suppose to sub preschool today and Tues. Both days not enough kiddos for me to stay, so I had to leave.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Lost for words

The rest of my time staying at Tim and Meg's went well. On St. Patrick's day I did a little shopping and then babysat Tim and Meg's kids for them. Last week I subbed two days and did a lot of working out and filling out more teaching applications. This past weekend I basically felt so sick on Saturday(o the JOYS of being a woman) and then yesterday I spent the afternoon with a 5 year old. Seriously MELTS my heart :)

I really dont mknow what all to say lately so that is why I havent really been blogging much. I sent out 6 applications to some schools and so I am just waiting to see if I will hear anything back from them. I am praying I hear from the two that are really close to where I live. I have an interview tomorrow and another one next Wednesday for a summer job. I am not sure which one I want, so basically I am just gonna trust God with whichever one he wants for me.

I am sure some of you are TIRED of hearing me whine about being single, so I am not going to, even though I really need to vent about that and something else that is really bothering me. I just feel like I bore my readers with my complaining, so I am NOT going to complain because its not worth it.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Clinging to hope

Today is two years since I found out that my friend from college dad had passed away at home. It brings up all those memories and emotions that I experienced when I lost mine. Its hard to cling to the Lord when something that unexpected happens in your life. Jessica, John, Josh and Laura--I am praying for you today.

I was suppose to sub this morning, but then I got a call on the way to the school that they didn't need me. I ended up going to spinning and now Im going to take a walk with a friend at one. I am SUPER pumped to see her and her little baby boy Abe!! WHOO!! O and its beautiful here today in Ohio!!! Youth group tonight. I am ready to see what will happen tonight.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Right now I'm sitting in the house of the youth pastor of my church. Him and his wife are at a conference in GA and I am housesitting. I have filled out three applications today to try to get a teaching job for next year. Im waiting for a call to try to find a summer job. I am waiting to see if I will get a call from the school district I applied to earlier this week. I am waiting for summer to come. I am waiting to hear back when Tim and Meg are coming home. I am waiting to see if I am babysitting tonight. I feel like I am doing a lot of waiting. A lot of waiting to see what is in God's plan for my life. Its times like these that I am so so glad that I have a relationship with God. I can trust that He has a plan for me because His word tells me this! I know that if I keep trusting, something will happen.

I ended up subbing 4 days last week. It was really good to know that I am starting to get more days, more calls to sub. WHOO!! Sat. I about died during spinning, but I made it through. I went to a funeral and then babysat. Sunday I ran 3.5 miles OUTSIDE :) and it was glorious!!! No pain or anything!! I subbed yesterday and I was suppose to be in a preschool today but they didn't have enough kiddos to let me stay so I had to leave :( boo Dentist appointment at 340, and possibly babysitting at 440. Maybe they will pay me since they do have a kid this week that isn't theirs? I pray I do, if nots its okay.

So what is going on in your life? Anything you would like me to pray for? Let me know :)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

If you like giveaways......

you should hop over to Krista's blog and check out her Larabar giveaway :)

I have never had a Larabar but I am taking a risk to see if I can win one!!

I had a snowday on Monday. I subbed first grade on Tuesday. High school Music Yesterday. I am subbing for a preschool from 12-230 today. I am super pumped to say that I get to house-sit for a WHOLE week :) WHOO!!!! i am really pumped to NOT be home alot and not have to feel like my mom is down my throat!

Well I am off to waiting for the sun to come up so I can get in a quick run outside. Its like 60 degrees right now!! WHOO!!

A friend Ive had since 6th grade, her daddy passed away last night and my heart is so broken and lost for her and her sisters. I know that pain all too well. Mr. Mork I will miss you so much. Praying for your wife and your beautiful daughters!<3

Monday, March 5, 2012


I was suppose to sub today...but I got a SNOW day :)

Also, I have become addicted to pinterest! I am doing a March madness ab workout. I am HOPING it helps me to tone up this stubborn stomach problems I have.

I have an interview at 5 today for a position at Macys in the mall. Pray that I get it. It would be for the summer and I would DEFINITELY need it for the summer. For my student loans, gym membership and car insurance. Plus I am planning on going to Haiti next summer with the youth group so of course gotta start saving for that.

Friday, March 2, 2012

March is here

This week I subbed a total of 4 days. They were okay. I am just getting so tired of subbing, that is all. I really am ready for my own classroom. Its even harder because a few more girls in my program now have their own classrooms and I feel like a complete LOSER. BOO

I biked a total of 20 miles this week. This doesnt include spinning on Wednesday morning and then doing Poly. WHOO!!! I am doing spinning tomorrow. I am hoping that next week I ease back into running. I really dont want my shins to bother me anymore. I am just wanting to get back to training.

I ended up eating sweets on Wed. I wanted to kick myself. I really wanna lose some weight and just be happy with how I look.

Ohio weather is seriously so insane this year! I kinda miss snow though :/