Friday, March 2, 2012

March is here

This week I subbed a total of 4 days. They were okay. I am just getting so tired of subbing, that is all. I really am ready for my own classroom. Its even harder because a few more girls in my program now have their own classrooms and I feel like a complete LOSER. BOO

I biked a total of 20 miles this week. This doesnt include spinning on Wednesday morning and then doing Poly. WHOO!!! I am doing spinning tomorrow. I am hoping that next week I ease back into running. I really dont want my shins to bother me anymore. I am just wanting to get back to training.

I ended up eating sweets on Wed. I wanted to kick myself. I really wanna lose some weight and just be happy with how I look.

Ohio weather is seriously so insane this year! I kinda miss snow though :/

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