Monday, February 27, 2012

A set back

Last Monday I did spinning and then baked with one of the girls in my small group from youth!

Tuesday I worked out and then went to a meeting.

Wednesday I subbed half day, and then literally spent my day from 1230 till 9 in the church doing stuff for youth group and then youth group.

Thursday I worked out, subbed half day and then went to Toledo and grabbed dinner with a friend.

Friday I worked out and then spent the evening with a 9 yr old and a 5 yr old. It was fun.

Saturday I did spinning and then went to a wedding for some college friends. It was so great seeing old friends and catch up on life!

So....I have an issue. I think I am getting shin splints again. I have been taking it easy on this whole running thing. I dont want my shin splints to start up again. So I am going to bike again today and then I am going to try to run a little tomorrow. I do need to get my mileage up. I can run 5 miles, but it needs to be up to 8 this week :( I also have 8 weeks yesterday till my half marathon. UGH!! I am now till then NOT getting any sweets or sugars. Lets see if I can do it!!!

So far it looks like I am going to the church today to help the youth pastors wife do some stuff for the youth group.

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