Saturday, February 11, 2012

What a week!

Sunday I went to a Superbowl party at my friends and basically played with a baby and ate so much food!

Monday I subbed for a high school, ran 4 miles and then passed out in my bed!

Tuesday I worked out and hung out at the house.

Wednesday I worked out, baked, picked up a youth girl from school, dentist, and church.

Thursday I subbed for 4th grade--where I was told to try to get a teaching job in the North Pole so I can teach Santa's helpers, go to Jupiter to teach the aliens, or Texas! haha I then went to a baby shower and watched Grey's.

Yesterday I ran 4 miles!! cleaned and then went to a basketball game to watch a few girls I know do a biddy cheer thing during the half time.

Today I am helping doing some painting and then going over to a friends house to talk to her about possibly starting to sell 31 products!!

This week I have discovered GREEK on ABC Family and let me see I am IN love with it :)

Have a great weekend :)

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