Friday, February 22, 2013


Last Friday I went to a high school basketball game to watch Kyrsten and Kinsey do little cheer buddies!  Saturday I did some house chores and then I hung out with a youth student.  Sunday I went to church, a babyshower and then hung out at home.  Monday I did nothing.  Tuesday I subbed a half day.  Wednesday I went to Axiom.  Yesterday I subbed, babysat and then hung out with the Smelcers afterwards.  Today all the schools in the area have a snowday.  So today I am washing all of my bedding, do more laundry, dishes, maybe do some other cleaning? and just relaxing.  Tomorrow is SATURDAY :) EEK!!  I am PUMPED for a Saturday to do NOTHING.  I do have a thing at 6 tomorrow night but its okay I am excited to go to that.  Sunday is church and then possibly doing something for me.  I dont know yet.

I have been feeling very fat and ugly this week.  Its not really helping me to have friends who are getting engaged or announcing pregnancies but its okay I will keep pushing through. I know that one day I will get my desires of my heart. I just gotta be patient I suppose.

Friday, February 15, 2013

No One Higher

This week has been really tough.  Tough in a sense that I need to trust God for strength. To see each day as a GOOD day and I can't dwell on what has happened to me. I am on a fast till April 1st from boys/love/relationships. I am working on moving on, being romanced by God once again and to be content with being single. But gosh it is a lot harder than I would have ever imagined.

I am trying to find motivation to workout, sleep, eat but alas its really hard to. I dont have much of an appetite or any feeling to do anything lately.  I am just taking things one day at a time though. Its all I can do.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Last Wednesday CJ broke things off between us. I am still trying to wrap my head around everything and its been a week now.  He said it is a break and wasn't sure how long the break will be.  I've never been broken up with before. I mean HELLO first time that I was in a relationship but sheesh I mean I am still trying to piece things together over here.

Ummm snow I think you NEED to give us a SNOWDAY. This week I will have four days of subbing. Dont get me wrong I am SOOO grateful for the Lord providing all this for me but I mean I just need some DOWN TIME I need to catch my breathe!!!

I am looking for teaching jobs like CRAZY and right now I haven't heard anything.  I am just soooo ready for my own classroom and I am trying to be so incredibly patient but I mean HELLO I am ready for this next step in my life.

I need a hobby....something that I can make a little bit of cash or something.  I am just needing something to focus my mind know?