Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last of the year!

Last weekend I got my grandma for Christmas. I had a rough Christmas weekend. Was really missing my dad and just really hated the holiday! I got some really nice stuff for Christmas-Hunger Game series, money, few shirts, boots, two movies, a necklace, a CD, a board game(Quelf) and I think that is it!!

Monday I took my grandma back to her house, and then spent the rest of the day helping my friend wash walls in her and her husbands new house!! Tuesday, Wednesday and Thurs morning I was in Cincinnati visiting my friend Chelsea! We talked about her teaching job, boys, life, and just spent some really great time together. Thursday evening I went to my friends Marci's wedding! It was beautiful! Yesterday I drove to Fort Wayne and went to another wedding for my friends Sarah and David! I am SOO excited for their marriage and they are such a great and Godly couple!!!

So I have prayed about it and have decided to stop going on dates with Rich. He isn't a Christian and that is SUCH an important factor that needs to be in his life. I told him I still want to be friends though. Going over to my friends house tonight for a New Years Eve Party.

Well 2011, you definitely had your UPS and DOWNS.
Jan-Rang the New year in by worshipping the Lord!!
Started Student teaching

Feb-2 year mark of dad's death
Every Student Sent Conference with Cru
a whole week off of student teaching with snow days!
Sleep overs with Anna, Emily, Amanda

March-Donated 10 inches of my hair to Locks of Love!

April-Ran my first race--5k in 31:55

May-Graduated from The University of Toledo with a Bachelors in Education
Angel and Tony's Wedding
Heather and Andrew's Wedding

June-Eddie and Mindy got Married!!

Passed my PRAXIS!

August-Joined the staff for the youth group

September-Got my teaching licenses!!
Started subbing!

October-Brother turned 21
Saw college friends at a bonfire

November-Heidi and Brad's wedding
Youth Convention

December-First date
turned 24
Marci and Nate's Wedding
Sarah and David's Wedding

This year had some good moments, sad moments and some hard moments. I am praying that in 2012 I really grow MORE in my relationship with God. I really challenge my body, lose some weight, hopefully find a teaching job(fingers CROSSED) and who knows what could happen in the love life!

God bless to you and your families!! Praying you have a great 2012 and please be careful tonight! :)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Stupid nose

Last Friday's date was fun. We ended up driving around looking at lights, got ice cream and just really talking a lot more than we did the last time.
Saturday I saw my friend Erin and we grabbed lunch. It was SOO good to see a friend from college and just catch up.
Sunday was the Christmas play(which went well btw) and then went to the TSO concert with my mom. It was really really good! Except I got a HUGE migraine the last 20 mins and wanted to chop my head off!
Monday I did NOTHING but babysitting in the evening. Tuesday I subbed. Yesterday I babysat. Today Im babysitting and then going to a Christmas party tonight for the youth group. O this shall be fun! My good friend Emily got engaged Tuesday!!
I cant breathe outta my nose...again. UGH seriously this sucks!
Tomorrow Im driving to Newark to get my grandma for Christmas and then taking her back on Monday.

I really dont care what I get for Christmas. I just want to cherish the Lord, embrace what He might do in my life the coming year and to reflect on Him. Well I'm off to do nothing. If you read my blog, I hope you have a great and beautiful Christmas. God bless

Friday, December 16, 2011

Clearing the air

Blog friends, don't worry, I didn't die. I have not been feeling well. I had the WORST cold EVER! It lased a WHOLE week. I think I kicked its butt though. So hopefully I will get back into the groove of commenting on blogs and updating mine as well :)

I subbed three days this week...babysat Sunday, Monday, last night and then this afternoon.

I went to a choir concert on Tuesday. It was alright. Wasn't the best that is for sure.

Hanging out with a friend tonight. Going bowling. Aka date number 2 with boy I went on date number 1 with.

Only have to shop for one more person for Christmas. Whoo!!!

I ran a mile in 9 minutes yesterday on the treadmill. Needless to say I about died and then walked the last mile I wanted to do. Can we say I had a HUGE stitch in my side?! UGH!

Have been feeling really lonely lately. I want a kid. I want a real job. I want friends to actually really care about me. I want to feel loved. I just want someone to really appreciate me for what I do. Maybe that is why I really dont update my blog alot. I feel like I am boring. Sorry, just trying to be real. That is all. At least I know that the Lord loves me. Have a good weekend!!

Tomorrow-play practice, lunch with a college friend
Sunday-Children's Christmas Program, TSO with mom

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tis the season to be JOLLY

My birthday was quite boring! HAH I went to church, came home and watched Grey's Anatomy, went to dinner with a few friends, and then came home and baked brownies for an event I went to on Monday.

Monday I subbed, worked out, went to a Women's event at my church. It was a Christmas Tea. It was alot of fun. Tuesday I didnt sub. I went to a friends house. O funny story-So I went to the gym at 430 on Tues. to work out with my friend Elisa and Nickie. My friend Bibi was there too. Hilary came with me. We did a class called Cardio Pump. Holy COW! I am STILL sore from the class. We did some crazy curcuit and then we had to either walk the stairs or run them. Well dummy me decided to challenge myself and run up and down the stairs. So we had to run up and down the stairs for 5 minutes. Well I prolly lasted about 4 minutes and all of a sudden I totally felt like I was going to throw up. Next thing I knew my lunch from 1230 was meeting me once again. It was SOOOOO gross. I seriously havent thrown up from working out in YEARS. Like since junior high haha It def. was an experience I wont ever forget! haha

I subbed yesterday and it was SO rough. It made me question what the Lord has called me to do and I def. wanted to cry. Not subbing today and grabbing dinner with a friend tonight. I am so ready for a full time teaching job, more income and just everything to fall into place.

Sunday, December 4, 2011


Holy cow!!! I can't believe that 24 years ago, I was born. I was three weeks early. I lived in a fish bowl for 3 weeks and then came home on Christmas Day. What a present my parents got that year!!! I have had some crazy 23 years, but I am just grateful the Lord is letting me experience Him for another year!!

Soooo..........I went on my first ever date last night. It was good. He picked me up, gave me flowers( I will post pictures later), drove me to the zoo. We walked around, saw the lights. I saw a friend from school. We drove back. We had alot of very awkward silence there and back. I definitely felt very weird that I barely knew what to say or anything.

Off to explore the internet more, get ready go to church and of course who knows what might happen on my birthday!!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Under a rock place

This week has been rough. I have only subbed on Tuesday. I was tutoring the sweetest kids on Mondays, but the dad texted me on Wednesday telling me he hired a nanny and won't need me anymore. I am heart broken. I really really needed that money. I feel like I'm in a pinch. I was just so frustrated with life yesterday that I was crying. Yes, like tears falling down my face crying. I am trying so so hard to make money, to save, to be responsible, but right now I feel like such a failure.

Im still trying to like running on the treadmill, but I HATE it. I LOATHE it. I want to cry every time I try to get past a mile and a half. I get BORED with it, even if I have music, and the tv to watch. BOO. Any advice?

Im still kind of nervous for my date tomorrow, but I am just trusting the Lord. I talked to my friend last night, and it really calmed me down. Gave me a peace. She prayed for me, and really helped me. I do want to go on a date with this boy, but Im just nervous. Ive never been on a date, so Im just nervous in general about this.

Speaking of God--he really is challenging me right now. I feel like I'm in such a trial and testing period right now. I have been doing pretty good in life lately, and just recently I am not getting many sub positions, got cut from one tutoring position, really struggling with nervousness and just all in general not really feeling his presence much in my life. If you are a Christian and you read my blog, I just ask that you pray for me. I really need some providence in my financial life right now and I really just want to be able to provide for myself. I feel like I suck at this whole money/work/singleness/living at home with mother