Thursday, December 22, 2011

Stupid nose

Last Friday's date was fun. We ended up driving around looking at lights, got ice cream and just really talking a lot more than we did the last time.
Saturday I saw my friend Erin and we grabbed lunch. It was SOO good to see a friend from college and just catch up.
Sunday was the Christmas play(which went well btw) and then went to the TSO concert with my mom. It was really really good! Except I got a HUGE migraine the last 20 mins and wanted to chop my head off!
Monday I did NOTHING but babysitting in the evening. Tuesday I subbed. Yesterday I babysat. Today Im babysitting and then going to a Christmas party tonight for the youth group. O this shall be fun! My good friend Emily got engaged Tuesday!!
I cant breathe outta my nose...again. UGH seriously this sucks!
Tomorrow Im driving to Newark to get my grandma for Christmas and then taking her back on Monday.

I really dont care what I get for Christmas. I just want to cherish the Lord, embrace what He might do in my life the coming year and to reflect on Him. Well I'm off to do nothing. If you read my blog, I hope you have a great and beautiful Christmas. God bless

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