Monday, September 20, 2010

Happy Feet

Kindergarteners-rather shy, tears streaming down faces(like 3), children shorter than me(one is almost as tall as me), cute smiles, whispers in my ears, calling me Mrs. G(since when did I get married?) oh my heart melted and I am convinced I love them already!

Im back to running a lot since being back in Ohio and having a pretty good schedule this semester. I am loving Toledo and all the beautiful colors that are outside. Fall is slowly starting to stick its hand out and I am head over heels in love with this!! Fall get-a-way is this weekend and Im PUMPED, even though it is my last one :( but hey, sometimes life must move on :)

Falling in love with Jesus is quite amazing-I am content with my classes, my friends, my placement, my life, my joy, and everything that is going on at this moment. i am fine with not being in a relationship, and just walking hand in hand with jesus<3

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Friends, like older and same age and younger than me are either in relationships, engaged or married. I went to a shower on Saturday for a friend whom is getting married in Oct and I just recently had a friend get into a relationship and lately this part of life is soooo hard for me. I have a huge desire to be in a relationship and its not happening. Im really working on trusting god and stuff but its so hard. I just so want what the rest of my friends have.
This semester I'll be in a kindergarten classroom. Im excited but nervous at the same time. Its my last semester before I student teach and Im just hoping I do well this semester.
I feel like Im starting to get sick :( and I cant afford to get sick at this moment. *sigh*
I am loving being able to work out like every day and just be in a normal routine with life. I loved project but man did i feel like i didnt have "me" time. now i have all this time and arent sure what to do with all of it! hah

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Being Content

September must be the month of God doing GOOD things in my life. I am actually at a point in my life that I am content with being single. Wow that is such a shocker for me to say at this moment. And I love this new weather that is rolling in. I can break out hoodies and jeans and feel like I am enjoy the weather. I love fall-leaves, pumpkins, football games(toledo really u do suck) and just enjoying the crisp air of freshness. I have realized my hair is SUPER long right now and I love it. I can do whatever I want with it and not really worry about pieces being so funky in a pony! School is quite chill and relaxing at this moment. I don't feel stressed and I am quite okay with the whole living alone thing. Labor day weekend consisted of-curly locks, football games, trip to detroit, Lecrae, 2 hr car rides, little kids, walks, Arbys, 3 movies, a whole season of One Tree Hill, and relaxation. Another week of super senior is almost over and I cant believe that in a few weeks is fall get-away. my last one :/ so sad but at the same time it will be bittersweet. I am ready to see what all the lord does the rest of the semester with my life and here at Toledo. I am still missing project but at the same time, it will always have a place in my heart/life and I will NEVER forget any of it. I won't ever forget what all the Lord did in my life thats for sure!!