Saturday, June 23, 2012

Its a HOT one out there!!

Grad party last Saturday was fun! I got to babysit during it so it was easy as cake!!  Sunday was church, drove to grandma's and then grabbed dinner with my aunt, uncle and grandma :)
Monday was my interview---lets just say this: I stood at a desk for 10 minutes and then got completely ignored by two grown men while they talked in ARABIC and then one of them decided to take me back to a closet sized office and I waited in there for 35 minutes till the principal came and got me.  I looked at a schedule-which showed they learned Arabic and then a uniform paper-headpieces while I was waiting. After I noticed all this, I actually almost got up and left.  I knew right then and there the Lord had shut that door completely.  The interview itself was 20 minutes top.
The next four days I worked 8-4.  I didnt run any of those days because it was HOT outside, like over 90 and there is NO way I was gonna pass out from running!!  I havent had ANY sweets in a week :) GO ME!!! I did spinning this morning and it KICKED my trash!!!  I went to Red Robin with a youth student last night and that was really fun :)
I laid out in the sun for an hour today and now Im finishing up some baking before I head over to babysit and   spend my evening with three kiddos. Church, grad party, lay out, and youth group tomorrow.  I am getting so so proud of my dark skin I am getting :) YEAH!!!  Off to get ready :)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

I can't be a chicken

This week was a LONG week!!!!  Monday, Wednesday and Thursday I got sent home at 2:30 because they had too many school age teachers and not enough kiddos!! Its okay with me!! Meant I got to work out earlier and enjoy my evening :) Yesterday we barely had ANY kiddos at the daycare, so I got sent home at 10! Its okay, I cashed my first paycheck, got a MickeyD's treat with my "adopted" momma, ran at the GYM, laid out and then had a date with two little cuties in the evening :)
I ran everyday this week except Thursday. I had a dinner date with Rich that evening before choir practice so a shower won over a run :)  We went to Chili's and it was really fun.  I am still waiting to see where this all goes, but who knows?!
Okay so you are probably wondering what my title of my blog post means today......well Wednesday I basically played phone tag with a principal at an elementary school in Columbus.  I have an INTERVIEW on Monday at 12:30 and I am SCARED/NERVOUS/FREAKING OUT about it!!  I am NOT sure what to think of all of this.  Afraid I will cry during the interview, will not know how to answer some of the questions, wont seem confident. I could go on and on......Please if anyone reads this blog post before Monday, just pray for me.  I am also really nervous that if I get this job, I will have to move and I LOATHE living alone Hate moves, dont know ANYONE down there and just not so sure I can do this :/

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Raindrops on Roses

Friday I got to leave work at 230 so I came home, ran 2 miles, ate dinner with my mom and then got ready to go watch a recital.  O my goodness !! It was SO SO cute!!!
Yesterday I went to spin-which KICKED my butt, then my friend Becki took me and a little 2 yr old she was watching for the day to get doughtnuts :)      Afterwards I went over to her house with her and hung out with her and the 2 yr old till like 4 :)  I came home, showered, watched Narnia and just had a night where I baked another 30 muffins and felt lonely lonely.
I went to church this morning--where the sermon was about putting different situations in our lives into boxes. That we need to identify them, hand them over to God and not to worry about them!!!  He will take care of all of our fears, troubles, doubts :)  I ran 2 miles this afternoon and laid out for an hour.
I have work Monday-Friday this week, youth on Wednesday, Choir on Thursday and MAYBE a date on Friday ;)  If not then it will happen eventually!!!  I hope you all have a great week :)

O and I have a question.....Can you all be praying for me? I just really have been struggling with the whole not being able to find a teaching job. Its so so hard to see my teaching friends have jobs, and it just SUCKS bc I really want one.   Thanks

Friday, June 8, 2012


Let's see here....Last weekend I really didn't do much.  I baked 30 muffins and watched 6 chick flicks on Saturday alone. Sunday I watched 3 more and went on a walk with my friend Rich.  Let's just say there is definitely flirting and fun, but we will see where it goes :)
I started my summer job on Monday and this week has been very OVERWHELMING!  Tuesday I ended up crying in my supervisors office for 45 minutes because I just felt like I couldn't handle it.  Daycare is something that I am VERY much NOT used to.  This is out of my comfort zone.  I have ran a total of 4 miles since Monday, and I am going to run 2 tonight after work before I have to get ready to go watch a few girls I know in a dance recital.  I am excited!!  This weekend my brother is hopefully coming home!!! EEEK!!!!  I am going to hang out with him tomorrow and work on my tan :)  Also attend a spinning class in the morning and go to church on Sunday!!  I am also gonna try to see if I can squeeze in a little ice cream date with my favorite kiddos that I love and miss so so dearly!!!  If not, there is always next weekend!!  I am very very tired and I dont want to go to work today.  I have a migraine and I just dont feel very well.  O well

Friday, June 1, 2012

Lately I have been

babysitting a TON!!! Last Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Wednesday and yesterday! Seriously it is INSANE!!! Guess I am just trustworthy :) School is officially out!! I have made it through my FIRST year of subbing! Yay(sarcastic) Nothing else from any of the other schools I applied to. Guess I just have to keep waiting. If not, then it wasn't meant for me. Start my summer job on Monday. I am quite nervous, but you know what, I will make it through. It will just be a summer of working, saving and paying off my lovely loans. Next summer I am going on another mission trip. This time it is out of the country to -----Belize in Central America. I am SUPER stoked. Now I just have to keep saving the money. I know if the Lord wants me to go, then all of my money will be provided!! EEK I am getting very tan!! I am SUPER excited because now I feel like I am starting to look like my heredity. I havent been feeling very motivated to work out lately. Not sure what is wrong with me....Also my mother told me yesterday that I am looking way too skinny..Excuse me?! I feel like I eat like a horse some days *sigh*