Saturday, June 16, 2012

I can't be a chicken

This week was a LONG week!!!!  Monday, Wednesday and Thursday I got sent home at 2:30 because they had too many school age teachers and not enough kiddos!! Its okay with me!! Meant I got to work out earlier and enjoy my evening :) Yesterday we barely had ANY kiddos at the daycare, so I got sent home at 10! Its okay, I cashed my first paycheck, got a MickeyD's treat with my "adopted" momma, ran at the GYM, laid out and then had a date with two little cuties in the evening :)
I ran everyday this week except Thursday. I had a dinner date with Rich that evening before choir practice so a shower won over a run :)  We went to Chili's and it was really fun.  I am still waiting to see where this all goes, but who knows?!
Okay so you are probably wondering what my title of my blog post means today......well Wednesday I basically played phone tag with a principal at an elementary school in Columbus.  I have an INTERVIEW on Monday at 12:30 and I am SCARED/NERVOUS/FREAKING OUT about it!!  I am NOT sure what to think of all of this.  Afraid I will cry during the interview, will not know how to answer some of the questions, wont seem confident. I could go on and on......Please if anyone reads this blog post before Monday, just pray for me.  I am also really nervous that if I get this job, I will have to move and I LOATHE living alone Hate moves, dont know ANYONE down there and just not so sure I can do this :/

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