Friday, June 1, 2012

Lately I have been

babysitting a TON!!! Last Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Wednesday and yesterday! Seriously it is INSANE!!! Guess I am just trustworthy :) School is officially out!! I have made it through my FIRST year of subbing! Yay(sarcastic) Nothing else from any of the other schools I applied to. Guess I just have to keep waiting. If not, then it wasn't meant for me. Start my summer job on Monday. I am quite nervous, but you know what, I will make it through. It will just be a summer of working, saving and paying off my lovely loans. Next summer I am going on another mission trip. This time it is out of the country to -----Belize in Central America. I am SUPER stoked. Now I just have to keep saving the money. I know if the Lord wants me to go, then all of my money will be provided!! EEK I am getting very tan!! I am SUPER excited because now I feel like I am starting to look like my heredity. I havent been feeling very motivated to work out lately. Not sure what is wrong with me....Also my mother told me yesterday that I am looking way too skinny..Excuse me?! I feel like I eat like a horse some days *sigh*

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