Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I just want to CRY and CRY. I applied to a school district for some teaching positions. I was so confident. I feel like this is what the Lord wanted for me. It was a Christian school. I got a letter today saying that all the positions are filled. I didnt even get an interview. Do you know how hurt I am right now? Seriously thats not EVEN fair :( UGH I am so disappointed. I just want to cry. Or eat a TON of donuts. I want to eat my feelings right now :( I just really needed to vent. That is all. If you want, please leave me some encouragement or a laugh or something. Cause right now I need something :( :(

Monday, May 21, 2012

Almost June?!

~Mother's day Weekend I did nothing.  My mom worked.  That Sunday I grabbed lunch with Rich.  It was really nice!  He said this summer he wants to take me fishing, so who knows what may come out of this? ~Last Monday and Tuesday I subbed in a 3rd grade class. Wednesday I did nothing. Thursday I subbed at my old high school and then Friday I went to a wedding! I am SO excited for my friends Alicia and Jarid!! Their wedding was BEAUTIFUL :) ~Saturday and Sunday were very uneventful. Laid out for an hour both days and that is about it. I ate ice cream for dinner last night :( ~Today I subbed in a preschool. I ended up staying all day. I got sunburn. I now have a farmers tan on my arms :( I am feeling quite BLAH today. I didnt work out :( I did mow the grass :) I am EXHAUSTED right now. I wouldn't mind going to bed right now, except its not even 7 yet and that is just plain wrong! ~Tomorrow I am going over to someones house in the afternoon to help her cook--she is like a second mommma to me. Maybe I'll lay out. I dont have any subbing plans for the week and then next Friday, June 1st, I start my summer job!!! EEK!!! Lately I have just been feeling so blah :( I need to cut out breads and junk from my diet. Tomorrow is a new day so I am READY to lose weight!! For real this time!!! I am going to work out, eat healthy and if I slip, so be it! NO big deal!! ~No plans for Memorial day weekend. Looks like just church and laying out!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

What I like about this past week

~Last Friday subbed for fifth graders and it wasn't too bad
~On Saturday I watched two five year old girls play soccer. Went to a tea party and ate kinda bad :(
~Sunday I had a HUGE meltdown and really was struggling with my relationship with the Lord, feeling as if he was deserting me and all sorts of emotions.
~Monday I subbed for a high school Math teacher and it was also Senior Skip Day Needless to say, my day was seriously a joke.  I am so glad I didn't have to teach because it was all the icky math that is the devil itself!  I then hung out with an older lady fro my church-walked around the mall, got dinner and then saw the Lucky one
~Tuesday I grabbed lunch with a lady from my church and that is about all I did
~Yesterday I was suppose to sub but it got cancelled.  I worked out, then had a meeting with a guy to talk about possibly supporting him and his family with Cru.  I then had youth group later on
~Today I subbed for two hours for a Biology teacher and I learned all about cladograms.  Yeah please dont ask me what it is. To this moment I still dont know what it is! haha
~Tomorrow I am subbing for a high school English teacher and then going to a surprise birthday party.  I would rather be seeing friends or going to NYC but its okay.  Im over it  Saturday doing nothing and Sunday is Mothers day but my mom is working all day long so I will be sitting at home doing nothing.

I have been doing alright with the eating healthy.  I did eat a small Frosty yesterday though.  I wish it was warmer because I wanna get tan.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Little things in life

I saw this picture on Pinterest the other day and it made me SMILE :) Seriously, I wish I could just look at life like that right now. But alas I can't. BOO to life right now.

 ~On one note, I dont understand this new way to post a blog. I seriously try to leave space between paragraphs and it all becomes one and then it makes me sad :( WHAT THE HECK?!!!!!!!!!!!! Why can't I leave space between my paragraphs?! Can someone PLEASE help a sister out??!

~I haven't subbed in a week.  The last time I subbed was last Thursday, and I was a scribe in the morning for the OAA and then I was a study hall lady in the afternoon.

~Last weekend was amazing.  Seeing students show off their talents for the Lord just moved me to tears.  Rooming with four students and having two beds made for an interesting night.  Highlights of the trip----me getting asked if my mom and dad were in the room when a security guard knocked on our door at like 1015 at night.  A jr. high student calling me mom.  Sea-horse.

~Starting today until the rest of the summer I am going to do my VERY best to NOT eat sweets, junk food, or any types of bread.  I really need to tone up my stomach and I know if I cut those foods out of my diet then I will lose some weight.

~I ran this morning for the first time since my half marathon and I survived. It was a little rough. I did have to walk a little bit, but hey at least I can RUN again :)

Well I think that is it.  Going to watch a few girls play soccer Sat, going to a tea party in the afternoon, and have two sub jobs for next week.  Maybe I will lay out today :) Hello weird OHIO weather!