Thursday, May 3, 2012

Little things in life

I saw this picture on Pinterest the other day and it made me SMILE :) Seriously, I wish I could just look at life like that right now. But alas I can't. BOO to life right now.

 ~On one note, I dont understand this new way to post a blog. I seriously try to leave space between paragraphs and it all becomes one and then it makes me sad :( WHAT THE HECK?!!!!!!!!!!!! Why can't I leave space between my paragraphs?! Can someone PLEASE help a sister out??!

~I haven't subbed in a week.  The last time I subbed was last Thursday, and I was a scribe in the morning for the OAA and then I was a study hall lady in the afternoon.

~Last weekend was amazing.  Seeing students show off their talents for the Lord just moved me to tears.  Rooming with four students and having two beds made for an interesting night.  Highlights of the trip----me getting asked if my mom and dad were in the room when a security guard knocked on our door at like 1015 at night.  A jr. high student calling me mom.  Sea-horse.

~Starting today until the rest of the summer I am going to do my VERY best to NOT eat sweets, junk food, or any types of bread.  I really need to tone up my stomach and I know if I cut those foods out of my diet then I will lose some weight.

~I ran this morning for the first time since my half marathon and I survived. It was a little rough. I did have to walk a little bit, but hey at least I can RUN again :)

Well I think that is it.  Going to watch a few girls play soccer Sat, going to a tea party in the afternoon, and have two sub jobs for next week.  Maybe I will lay out today :) Hello weird OHIO weather!

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CTC said...

such a cute picture! Clicked over from HRG :) I am 25 and a teacher too!