Monday, May 21, 2012

Almost June?!

~Mother's day Weekend I did nothing.  My mom worked.  That Sunday I grabbed lunch with Rich.  It was really nice!  He said this summer he wants to take me fishing, so who knows what may come out of this? ~Last Monday and Tuesday I subbed in a 3rd grade class. Wednesday I did nothing. Thursday I subbed at my old high school and then Friday I went to a wedding! I am SO excited for my friends Alicia and Jarid!! Their wedding was BEAUTIFUL :) ~Saturday and Sunday were very uneventful. Laid out for an hour both days and that is about it. I ate ice cream for dinner last night :( ~Today I subbed in a preschool. I ended up staying all day. I got sunburn. I now have a farmers tan on my arms :( I am feeling quite BLAH today. I didnt work out :( I did mow the grass :) I am EXHAUSTED right now. I wouldn't mind going to bed right now, except its not even 7 yet and that is just plain wrong! ~Tomorrow I am going over to someones house in the afternoon to help her cook--she is like a second mommma to me. Maybe I'll lay out. I dont have any subbing plans for the week and then next Friday, June 1st, I start my summer job!!! EEK!!! Lately I have just been feeling so blah :( I need to cut out breads and junk from my diet. Tomorrow is a new day so I am READY to lose weight!! For real this time!!! I am going to work out, eat healthy and if I slip, so be it! NO big deal!! ~No plans for Memorial day weekend. Looks like just church and laying out!

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