Thursday, April 26, 2012

Just need to vent

I need a good...... CRY but nothing will flow down my face RUN but my legs are still tired, still sore and no running for this chick yet :( DONUT but if I ate one, I would instantly feel guilty, would wanna go run it off and so no donut for me :( HUG but noone is home to give me one so I guess I'm out of luck today Sorry had an awful day and just IDK needed to get a few things off my chest. Off to finish laundry, shower, pack and go to sleep

Monday, April 23, 2012

Glass City Half Marathon

Bib FName LName City State Div Age Sex ChipTime ClockTime Overall SexPl DivPl 2011 Alicia Gutierrez Sandusky OH FEMALE 20-24 24 F 2:33:45 2:37:11 1809 948 159 Okay so that thing doesn't really line up...but that is my Clock time---2 hrs and 33 minutes. You guys I feel like I should have had a better time, but honestly I am proud of myself. Okay so yesterday morning it was FREEZING, like I had to wear my leggings underneath my running shorts bc it was SOOO cold. I started out pretty strong till I got to almost mile 3. My right calf got really tight so I had to walk for a few seconds to make the pain go away and then I picked right back up running. I got to the 5k mark around 34 minutes. I hit mile 6.2 at 1 hr and 11 minutes. By this time we were almost done running through the neighborhoods and we were on our way to the trial to head back to Toledo's campus and I was not gonna complain about that. I went to every water station but two. I would take a sip of water from a few of the cups, but I was really just trying to wet my mouth and such. I ate a cinnamon bear at mile 5 and then at mile 8. Towards mile 7 I was really starting to hurt. My feet hurt, my legs were starting to feel like lead and jello. Mentally I was doing okay, but physically my body was ready to be DONE. Around mile 10 came up another clock and it showed that we were at 2 hours. At this point, I had already taken around 4 short walk breaks. My shin never hurt the WHOLE time(Praise the Lord for the brace I wore) but my right calf cramped once, I got a HUGE stitch in my side once, and the other two times my hips were BURNING! At mile 11 I hit THE WALL. At this point, I was just done. I wanted to be finished. I was hurting so badly and I was really starting to feel tired. I was running at a really slow pace(well I felt like a turtle). At this point, the lead marathoner came through and I was just BLOWN away. I mean hello I was at mile 11 and this guy was at mile 24! WHAT THE HECK?! At mile 12 we got to the last water station and they were passing out BEER. Seriously?! Who wants to hydrate with beer! haha Once we were back on campus I was ready for the finish line. I was hurting, I was tired and I was just physically and mentally done. Heck, I listened to Dont Stop Believing 3 times till I got the finish because I knew if I didnt I was just going to WALK to the end. The last mile I was fighting back tears. I have NO idea where the emotion was coming from but man o man I was seriously about to cry when I crossed the finish line and got the mylar heat sheet, water and my Metal!!! I even got a FREE Beer Mug! haha The fans and the volunteers were so supportive though. Encouraging me and such. They were AMAZING!!! I ran with my phone and music. I left my long sleeve tshirt on the whole race and never got super hot. I had a really rough training with shin splints, colds, but I think that if I were to run another one I would definitely use the same plan I used this time. I accomplished my one goal for the race, which was to FINISH and I did that. I am super super sore today, and I have done a little bit of stretching. I took a bath last night and think I will take another one a little later today. Subbing tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday and then heading to Columbus Friday and Saturday to be a chaperone for a youth group event. I am hoping that I can work out once before the weekend but I guess I will have to see how I feel as the week progresses.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Race weekend is here!

Okay, so apparently Blogger got a new look and I definitely am NOT sure how this new set up works so bare with me until I figure this all out. It may take me a few weeks to get used to this new set up. So last weekend I hung out with a 5 and a 3 yr old, baked brownies and just enjoyed life. I subbed Monday and it was seriously SOO boring. It was study hall ALL day and I felt like a cold popsicle and I almost fell asleep! haha This week all I have done is workout on Tues and Wed. go to Bdubs on Wed. and that is about it. So I am guessing you are NOW wanting me to fill you in on my post title. Why yes, my half is THIS Sunday! I am seriously scared, nervous and not sure if I am truly prepared for this. I have been training since late Dec./early Jan. I dealt with running on treadmills, getting shin splints, feeling like I am hungry all the time, pain, tears, cross training. I know that I can't let myself give up. I have to not let my mind win the battle. If I have to stop and walk a little, then I will. I have to rely on God's strength to get me through this. I am going to accomplish something HUGE and I will go out there and give it all I got. I will post sometime next week and let you know how I did. I am going to a Cavs game tonight with the youth pastor and some of the students and leaders. The youth pastor got free tickets so he is taking some of the youth leaders and students to the game. I am excited! Tomorrow I will be driving to Toledo, staying with a few friends and then getting up before the crack of dawn Sunday morning to start my race at the lovely 7 AM. I hope you all have a great weekend :)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

201st Post

I made it. I have posted over 200 times. That is SOO crazy!!

My Easter break wasnt too bad. I worked out like everyday and met a new friend at the gym. She is like another mom to me. She has three kids and the one is the same age as me, so needless to say she is my moms age. She is soo great too!

Easter was okay. I went to my grandmas with my mom and then basically felt like a loser bc i was so bored the whole day. I subbed yesterday, today and then tomorrow, monday and next thursday.

My half marathon is in 10 days. I hope I am ready. I dont feel ready, but its okay. I have trained as best as I could. I feel like my shins arent going to be able to handle it, but I know I will have strength to fight. Even if I have to CRY, walk or scream all the way to the finish line. I want to accomplish this. I need to because I really dont have much going for me right now.

Been struggling with sweets and feeling beautiful and how I look. Lets just say I dont want to get into detail with this and tell you all about my struggles. I just feel like people dont want to hear my whine, cry, and be a little b**** on here.