Thursday, April 12, 2012

201st Post

I made it. I have posted over 200 times. That is SOO crazy!!

My Easter break wasnt too bad. I worked out like everyday and met a new friend at the gym. She is like another mom to me. She has three kids and the one is the same age as me, so needless to say she is my moms age. She is soo great too!

Easter was okay. I went to my grandmas with my mom and then basically felt like a loser bc i was so bored the whole day. I subbed yesterday, today and then tomorrow, monday and next thursday.

My half marathon is in 10 days. I hope I am ready. I dont feel ready, but its okay. I have trained as best as I could. I feel like my shins arent going to be able to handle it, but I know I will have strength to fight. Even if I have to CRY, walk or scream all the way to the finish line. I want to accomplish this. I need to because I really dont have much going for me right now.

Been struggling with sweets and feeling beautiful and how I look. Lets just say I dont want to get into detail with this and tell you all about my struggles. I just feel like people dont want to hear my whine, cry, and be a little b**** on here.

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