Saturday, September 14, 2013

Belize.House-sitting.blind life in general

I'm sorry that I took an almost 2 month break.  I just wanted to wrap my head around what happened in Belize and honestly it was seriously a trip that I will never forget. This may be a LONG post but just bear with me.

Belize: July 22nd, we drove to Detroit and then ate dinner at Applebees. We woke up Tuesday and hit the airport.  We had some issues and we almost missed our flight. We had to run through the airport and it was insane!!  We had a a layover in Dallas and then landed in Belize City. Our bus ride to Unitedville was about two hours. The whole bus ride was pretty quiet.  Looking at our surroundings and soaking it all in.  Wednesday morning we ate breakfast and then went back to the church and make some bags of food we were going to distribute to some families in a Mayan village.  We did that for about 4 hours and then we had a VBS with the children in the village. It was insane!! Singing, dancing, bible story, giggles, animal balloons, candies going all over and it was so fun! We had church that night.  Thursday we went back to the same village to hand out some more food and pray for families.  We got some ice cream and then headed back to clean up and get ready for church that night. We went back to the village we were at the last two days and went to church.  We were late and the music reminded me of music you here in a Mexican restaurant.  Friday we stayed at the church and worked there all day doing different things-rock road, staining doors, strapping floors, plastering, shoveling.  We had youth group that night.  Saturday we split up as a team and some of us stayed at the church, while me and a few others went to a village and separated rocks from dirt.  I fell and hurt my knee. It was a lot of hard work but it was rewarding.  It was very very hot that day as well.  That night we all just hung out in the church and played games as a group.  Sunday we had morning service, where I was one of three who gave my testimony. Every service we had, someone from our team gave their testimony. We hung out after church and then went to the village some of us were at Saturday for church Sunday night. I had a lot of kids hanging all over me. It was so hard to hear that the children in this village basically dont get loved on, so when mission teams from American come into this village the children eat up the love.  Monday we had our free day--we went zip-lining, repelling, and cave-tubing. It was a lot of fun.  Tuesday we did some last minute shopping and then headed home.
August 4-11 I was the responsible adult for the music pastors oldest daughter. It was a lot of fun. We hung out, even went to the fair that was in town that week.  August 15th I went on a blind date with a guy name Brett. It was a lot of fun.  We ended up going out again on August 23rd.  Schools around here started on August 26th and I have subbed four times since school started.  Labor day weekend I did nothing but just hang out at home.
Running is going alright.  Still struggling with seeing myself as beautiful and such but I'm working on it.  Not dating anyone right now and just waiting to see if I will get a part-time job that I had an interview at.  Living at home is kind of rough, but I guess I will eventually get to have a big-girl job and will be able to afford to move out.
Been having some health issues and I have a blood clot forming behind my left eye.  Kind sucks.  I have to go back to the eye doctor in a month.