Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Christ Like Girls

This week we are talking about purity. We are diving into struggles and learning to be pure in Christ. Well.....soo last night we were suppose to have a girl/guy purity event. All the girls walked down to the beach by ourselves and we didnt see any of the guys. We went to the pier and see the guys all circled together. We knew something was up. We knew they planned something for us. We get to the end of the beach, which is like a mile walk just to the water, and there are tshirts and sheets gently placed on the sand. Our guys are all wearing little fake "tux" shirts and two of them are "hiding" behind each other. Matt H and Boaz jump up front and they play us some songs they wrote to us. They wrote songs to a song by Brian Mcknight and then Hero. They were so cute and all us girls were laughing our heads off. While they were singing Tim and Dan passed out princess/dinosaur coloring pages sheets to us that they did for us. They fed us dessert and then we begged them to play some worship songs for us. *Sigh* Then the guys told us we had to go back to the house and go into the backyard. We get back there and Robert and Nick had set up the projector and a sheet for us to watch a movie outside. The guys picked out a chick flick for us and they watched Little Manhattan with us. That movie was super cute. We all laughed and some of the guys even liked it. This was super cute and I seriously feel like they do really care about each and every one of us.
I went to the water park with 11 other people yesterday and it was super fun!! I am so glad I went with them. i am doing nothing today and then work tomorrow. i am leaving tomorrow night/early morning to head to Atlantic City to catch a flight to go to Ohio for the weekend. My best friend Laura is getting married on Saturday!! Ahh

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Thursday night we ate Around the World themed project dinner. I didnt get anything because it was all gone by the time I got there but its okay. We had prayer and then I went to bed. Friday I worked and then went to Marvis diner with Megan. It was a lot of fun. We got to chat and I really got to know her a little more. Yesterday I worked. We had a water/popsicle outreach yesterday. It was 115 degrees here and we were out on the boardwalk sharing and handing out these items. It was hot but Angela and I got through it. Last night we had our Fabulous feast for the wildwood men. We made BBQ chicken, brats, corn on the cob, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese and brownies. While they were eating, we divided into groups of four and set out to pray for our godly brothers here on project. We also each wrote individual letters to the guys. i wrote one to Robert, who is from Ball State. After this ended, 16 girls(there are 26) sat in a room that houses 4 girls and played Never have I ever and I have for like over an hour. We laughed, told deep dark secrets about ourselves and just basically grew to love one another even more. Today after family group I am going to Ocean City to visit my friend Jordan who is there on Summer Project. 20 more days in NJ and then it will be time to go back to Toledo.
I do still believe that i am truly beautiful, but lately my heart hasnt been feeling it. I just idk cant see why someone would ever want me since Im not the society body type. Pray for my heart right now. The lord is still working on me and I am letting him, just sometimes i just struggle i guess. I am truly letting him take all of me and change me. Pray I dont go back to old ways and I can let the Lord just romance me and see myself the way he truly created me to be.
Prayer Request~
1. heart continues to be captured
2. pour into the students these last 20 days
3. fall more in love with jesus
4. all the hearts of the people we havent talked to on the boardwalk
5. my safe travels when i go home on friday for my friends wedding i am in

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Home Sick

Tuesday we went on a prayer scavenger hunt. We walked to all the different places we all work at and prayed. It was really cool. Tuesday night I cried myself to sleep. Valley of the grieving process really got me and I just really started to miss dad and stuff. I had yesterday off so I just relaxed and spent a lot of time with God. I went sharing with Mike last night. We went all the way past the convention center and we kept seeing people sharing with others. We thought maybe it was the Ocean City Summer Project kids here. Wrong-there is a chapel on the boardwalk and the people who run it were out sharing with people. We talked to Jake,Andrew and Grace. It was rather encouraging and even refreshing to seeing other believers like me out on the boardwalk sharing their faith. I kind of want to go to something on theirs one night to see what they talk about and stuff.
I am really starting to miss home, my bed, my family, my best friends and Toledo. I love being here and having this community but at the same time I am starting to miss everything I have always known. New Jersey is too hot for me, and I am starting to feel emotionally exhausted. Pray for me please

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tugs on my heart

Everyone knows my calling is elementary education. I have been throwing up the idea of getting my masters in special education or curriculum. Ever since I got here to project and saw that there was a deaf student my heart has been very interested. Auzy works at Burger King with us, which titles 7 to our gang. I have learned alot of sign language and I have slowly felt God calling me to do. I am still praying if I want to intern with Crusade when I graduate but lately I have been having my heart turn for inner city and now special needs kids that I honestly feel like I am relying on the Lord to provide me a teaching job when I graduate in May.
These past few months being here in New Jersey I have had a lot of friends get married, or engaged and now pregnant. I have been single for my whole life and have never been kissed. (whoever marries me will be a lucky lad :) ) Lately though I have been feeling really left out in this season of life. I desire to get married and to spend my life with the guy God created for me. I want to glorify God with a man who is passionate about God as I am. It is just so very hard for me to wait on God's timing with this season and to be patient. It is just getting so frustrating though. Please pray for me in this area of my life.
We are studying 1 Thessionalians as a project and this week we are focusing on investing in the eternal. I am praying that the Lord keeps letting me show light to my co-workers and to the other students on this project. I am starting to miss home and it is crazy to think Ill be back in Ohio in 10 days for Laura's wedding and then 25 to start my 5th year of college.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Culture Shock

Tuesday night the training went well. We talked about the natural mode of sharing our faith. Wednesday the action group Im in with ate with one of the guy apartments. it was really fun! I went out sharing that night with Katy and Jeff. We didnt talk to very many people but I really got to know both of them a little more. Thursday we did Kids theme for project dinner. It was quite fun!!! That night we went to A Closer Walk. Pocket Full of Rocks was the worship and they were quite good. A guy name Joel gave the talk. A bunch of youth kids raised their hands and came over to talk to us/pray with us. I talked to a 12 yr old girl name Emily. She said she had lost 3 people in her life within the year. I shared a little bit of my story and then I got to pray with her. It was quite encouraging. After work on Friday, Stacey and I went the Cape May County 4-H Fair. The food was amazing!!! When we got back we went back to a Closer Walk. Building 429 did the worship and then Joel and his wife gave a talk about relationships. They told their engagement story and it was quite intense. We watched the fireworks because it kept interupting the talk and then we did the altar call again but noone really wanted to get prayed with. Saturday I worked and then after lunch we went to Atlantic City to go sharing!! It was quite different on the boardwalk than here in Wildwood. I felt like a spiritual warfare was going on the whole time. Casinos and a lot of older people. Some of the students got cursed at, while others got into talks about 5th dimensions. After outreach, a group of us went to the mall and then went to Rainforest Cafe for a girl's birthday. Yesterday I went to church then burnt my face while playing in the ocean and spent my night of reflection sitting on a lifeguard chair. One of the girls birthday was last night and we threw a tiny surprise party for her after night of reflection. I have work and then weekly meeting today. I have tomorrow and Wednesday off. I hope i can relax and get some good running in.
Prayer Request-
~feel a little homesick
~continue to heal from the grieving process
~Atlantic City

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Servants heart

My testimony went well last night. I wasnt even nervous!! I have today off, and its pretty crappy weather here today. Terah and I are going to encourage people's stomach this morning and make pancakes for our Tuesday off bunch!! I am excited to make these, and to just love on my brothers and sisters here. Tonight we have a training, then tomorrow is action group and then international cafe. Tomorrow night my action group I am in is combining with one of the guy apartments and having dinner together. i am excited to do this. Thursday we are helping out with an event that is on the boardwalk called A Closer Walk. There is a place called Morey's Pier and we are going to help with the altar call. I am excited to see what this event will look and see to what the impact is has on these high schoolers!!!
Prayer Request:
~Love my roommates
~Have a loving/caring/gentle heart
~A Closer Walk

Monday, July 12, 2010

New me

Thursday night we said goodbye to the Staff. When we were praying for the leaders, the staff just left during prayer. What a goodbye!! Friday I worked and then hung out with Terah. We went to a lighthouse and sat on a rock. We spent some time with the Lord and then met Matt, Katy and Margo at this BBQ festival. It wasnt bad. We just walked around and looked at everything. We came back and walked to the beach to watch fireworks. Saturday I worked till noon and then we had the afternoon free. It was raining so I just watched some of 7th heaven with Sarah and then made the cinnamon rolls for project dinner. The theme was Brinner. It was super!! After dinner we had a few minutes before team meeting so I decided to join in the fun of volleyball. BAD idea! Got hit in the jaw with the ball!! After the meeting all the girls threw a surprise party for Erin. it was her 21st! We had mocktails and ate cake. We also had a dance party. I went to church and had family group yesterday. I went to the beach for an hour and a half. I wanted to go running yesterday and I went with Colin and Jake! Bad idea. I almost puked, it was super hot and they run crazy fast. We did a servant leadership thing before night of reflection. I am involved in the community team the rest of project and the girl leader Katy washed my feet. It was very humbling. I spent my night of reflection on the beach and God gave me an amazing sky picture as well :) I have to work at BK today and then tonight at the large meeting, I am giving my testimony. day off tomorrow! Terah and I are using our servant hearts and encouraging people with pancakes in the morning!! Love and miss everyone!
~Student loan went through
~Bill for fall is all paid for!
Prayer request:
~testimony goes smoothly
~learning to fall more in love with jesus
~being a huge community and holding each other accountable

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Oh my goodness!! NJ has been having a HUGE heatwave this week. Monday was like 98. Tuesday was 107. Yesterday was like 95. I feel hot, sticky and gross everyday lately. Saturday we had outreach and that went really good. I went sharing with a guy name Joe and he talked to 2 guys and the conversation went pretty good. We had our last Women's night with the staff Saturday evening. My discipler said some really encouraging things to me and I am glad others are seeing my steps of faith and God working in my life. Sunday I went to church, beach and then had night of reflection. God brought up some stuff in my life that night and I just cried and cried. The fireworks here were SOOO amazing!!! They were definetly better than Cedar Point that's for sure. Monday I worked, then my friend Holly and her cousin Jamie came to visit me. We went to a diner for dinner and then they came to our weekly meeting. Cary Miller finished the talk on the book of Galatians. I learned a lot from this series. I hope I can continue to take steps of faith and find my freedom in Christ that I was given for FREE!! Tuesday was my day off-went running, errands, beach, had my last d-ship with Deanna. We got icecream and talked about what all God has done in my life these past 5 weeks. We had the night off so I just hung out around the house and chilled. I worked yesterday and we had our last action group with Deanna. We went to a diner and then to a lighthouse. My action group had international cafe last night and that was pretty cool. I met people from all sorts of different places. I have work today and then tonight is our dessert banquet and the staff are heading over the project to us. AHH Staff leave on Saturday. Crazy!!
Prayer Request:
~See God as my love and I dont need to be in a relationship even though I desire it.
~Seek God wholeheartedly and fall more in love with Him.
~Hearts of the international students

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Grace and Truth

Tuesday night we had a thing called Cross Cultural night. I went to Thailand and Turkey. Its funny Turkey used to be my campus' partner country so I knew a few of the things they talked about that night. I experienced Iran-which is water, yogurt and salt. it was GROSS. Some of the Thailand food was good. Pray for these countries, that spiritual warfare stops and they can come to know Christ. Wednesday I worked, then we had project dinner and then team meeting. When the staff leaves in a week, I will be on the community team. We came up with some cool ideas and I hope we get to do a few of them. Thursday I worked and then had action group. We made chicken and dumplings!! So good! I want to make them again. We talked about purity and other issues. I am praying that someday the Lord gives me this desire that I have and the guy he has for me comes into my life. I went sharing that night when a guy name Robert and a girl I live with name Guirlene. It was pretty good. We talked to four people and the two guys seemed really interested in what we were having to say to them about the gospel and stuff. Yesterday I worked and then went grocery shopping. last night I played a game called Geocach. We took a GPS and walked around trying to match up with the the latitudes and longitudes we were given. When they match up you were suppose to find a little thing that people have left behind. It was pretty fun. It was super dark when we went so we didn't find anything. I worked this morning then we sharing on the boardwalk. I went sharing with Joe. He had a sweet conversation with two guys but I felt so left out because I'm not a guy. Tonight is women's night. Tomorrow is church, afternoon off, night of reflection and then fireworks. I love and miss you all so much!!
~I have energy to get through the VERY hot days
~Heart continues to grow and learn
~Last week with staff before they leave
~hearts for people myself and the other 43 students haven't encountered with yet