Saturday, July 3, 2010

Grace and Truth

Tuesday night we had a thing called Cross Cultural night. I went to Thailand and Turkey. Its funny Turkey used to be my campus' partner country so I knew a few of the things they talked about that night. I experienced Iran-which is water, yogurt and salt. it was GROSS. Some of the Thailand food was good. Pray for these countries, that spiritual warfare stops and they can come to know Christ. Wednesday I worked, then we had project dinner and then team meeting. When the staff leaves in a week, I will be on the community team. We came up with some cool ideas and I hope we get to do a few of them. Thursday I worked and then had action group. We made chicken and dumplings!! So good! I want to make them again. We talked about purity and other issues. I am praying that someday the Lord gives me this desire that I have and the guy he has for me comes into my life. I went sharing that night when a guy name Robert and a girl I live with name Guirlene. It was pretty good. We talked to four people and the two guys seemed really interested in what we were having to say to them about the gospel and stuff. Yesterday I worked and then went grocery shopping. last night I played a game called Geocach. We took a GPS and walked around trying to match up with the the latitudes and longitudes we were given. When they match up you were suppose to find a little thing that people have left behind. It was pretty fun. It was super dark when we went so we didn't find anything. I worked this morning then we sharing on the boardwalk. I went sharing with Joe. He had a sweet conversation with two guys but I felt so left out because I'm not a guy. Tonight is women's night. Tomorrow is church, afternoon off, night of reflection and then fireworks. I love and miss you all so much!!
~I have energy to get through the VERY hot days
~Heart continues to grow and learn
~Last week with staff before they leave
~hearts for people myself and the other 43 students haven't encountered with yet

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