Thursday, July 8, 2010


Oh my goodness!! NJ has been having a HUGE heatwave this week. Monday was like 98. Tuesday was 107. Yesterday was like 95. I feel hot, sticky and gross everyday lately. Saturday we had outreach and that went really good. I went sharing with a guy name Joe and he talked to 2 guys and the conversation went pretty good. We had our last Women's night with the staff Saturday evening. My discipler said some really encouraging things to me and I am glad others are seeing my steps of faith and God working in my life. Sunday I went to church, beach and then had night of reflection. God brought up some stuff in my life that night and I just cried and cried. The fireworks here were SOOO amazing!!! They were definetly better than Cedar Point that's for sure. Monday I worked, then my friend Holly and her cousin Jamie came to visit me. We went to a diner for dinner and then they came to our weekly meeting. Cary Miller finished the talk on the book of Galatians. I learned a lot from this series. I hope I can continue to take steps of faith and find my freedom in Christ that I was given for FREE!! Tuesday was my day off-went running, errands, beach, had my last d-ship with Deanna. We got icecream and talked about what all God has done in my life these past 5 weeks. We had the night off so I just hung out around the house and chilled. I worked yesterday and we had our last action group with Deanna. We went to a diner and then to a lighthouse. My action group had international cafe last night and that was pretty cool. I met people from all sorts of different places. I have work today and then tonight is our dessert banquet and the staff are heading over the project to us. AHH Staff leave on Saturday. Crazy!!
Prayer Request:
~See God as my love and I dont need to be in a relationship even though I desire it.
~Seek God wholeheartedly and fall more in love with Him.
~Hearts of the international students

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