Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Christ Like Girls

This week we are talking about purity. We are diving into struggles and learning to be pure in Christ. Well.....soo last night we were suppose to have a girl/guy purity event. All the girls walked down to the beach by ourselves and we didnt see any of the guys. We went to the pier and see the guys all circled together. We knew something was up. We knew they planned something for us. We get to the end of the beach, which is like a mile walk just to the water, and there are tshirts and sheets gently placed on the sand. Our guys are all wearing little fake "tux" shirts and two of them are "hiding" behind each other. Matt H and Boaz jump up front and they play us some songs they wrote to us. They wrote songs to a song by Brian Mcknight and then Hero. They were so cute and all us girls were laughing our heads off. While they were singing Tim and Dan passed out princess/dinosaur coloring pages sheets to us that they did for us. They fed us dessert and then we begged them to play some worship songs for us. *Sigh* Then the guys told us we had to go back to the house and go into the backyard. We get back there and Robert and Nick had set up the projector and a sheet for us to watch a movie outside. The guys picked out a chick flick for us and they watched Little Manhattan with us. That movie was super cute. We all laughed and some of the guys even liked it. This was super cute and I seriously feel like they do really care about each and every one of us.
I went to the water park with 11 other people yesterday and it was super fun!! I am so glad I went with them. i am doing nothing today and then work tomorrow. i am leaving tomorrow night/early morning to head to Atlantic City to catch a flight to go to Ohio for the weekend. My best friend Laura is getting married on Saturday!! Ahh

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