Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tugs on my heart

Everyone knows my calling is elementary education. I have been throwing up the idea of getting my masters in special education or curriculum. Ever since I got here to project and saw that there was a deaf student my heart has been very interested. Auzy works at Burger King with us, which titles 7 to our gang. I have learned alot of sign language and I have slowly felt God calling me to do. I am still praying if I want to intern with Crusade when I graduate but lately I have been having my heart turn for inner city and now special needs kids that I honestly feel like I am relying on the Lord to provide me a teaching job when I graduate in May.
These past few months being here in New Jersey I have had a lot of friends get married, or engaged and now pregnant. I have been single for my whole life and have never been kissed. (whoever marries me will be a lucky lad :) ) Lately though I have been feeling really left out in this season of life. I desire to get married and to spend my life with the guy God created for me. I want to glorify God with a man who is passionate about God as I am. It is just so very hard for me to wait on God's timing with this season and to be patient. It is just getting so frustrating though. Please pray for me in this area of my life.
We are studying 1 Thessionalians as a project and this week we are focusing on investing in the eternal. I am praying that the Lord keeps letting me show light to my co-workers and to the other students on this project. I am starting to miss home and it is crazy to think Ill be back in Ohio in 10 days for Laura's wedding and then 25 to start my 5th year of college.

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