Monday, July 19, 2010

Culture Shock

Tuesday night the training went well. We talked about the natural mode of sharing our faith. Wednesday the action group Im in with ate with one of the guy apartments. it was really fun! I went out sharing that night with Katy and Jeff. We didnt talk to very many people but I really got to know both of them a little more. Thursday we did Kids theme for project dinner. It was quite fun!!! That night we went to A Closer Walk. Pocket Full of Rocks was the worship and they were quite good. A guy name Joel gave the talk. A bunch of youth kids raised their hands and came over to talk to us/pray with us. I talked to a 12 yr old girl name Emily. She said she had lost 3 people in her life within the year. I shared a little bit of my story and then I got to pray with her. It was quite encouraging. After work on Friday, Stacey and I went the Cape May County 4-H Fair. The food was amazing!!! When we got back we went back to a Closer Walk. Building 429 did the worship and then Joel and his wife gave a talk about relationships. They told their engagement story and it was quite intense. We watched the fireworks because it kept interupting the talk and then we did the altar call again but noone really wanted to get prayed with. Saturday I worked and then after lunch we went to Atlantic City to go sharing!! It was quite different on the boardwalk than here in Wildwood. I felt like a spiritual warfare was going on the whole time. Casinos and a lot of older people. Some of the students got cursed at, while others got into talks about 5th dimensions. After outreach, a group of us went to the mall and then went to Rainforest Cafe for a girl's birthday. Yesterday I went to church then burnt my face while playing in the ocean and spent my night of reflection sitting on a lifeguard chair. One of the girls birthday was last night and we threw a tiny surprise party for her after night of reflection. I have work and then weekly meeting today. I have tomorrow and Wednesday off. I hope i can relax and get some good running in.
Prayer Request-
~feel a little homesick
~continue to heal from the grieving process
~Atlantic City

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