Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Servants heart

My testimony went well last night. I wasnt even nervous!! I have today off, and its pretty crappy weather here today. Terah and I are going to encourage people's stomach this morning and make pancakes for our Tuesday off bunch!! I am excited to make these, and to just love on my brothers and sisters here. Tonight we have a training, then tomorrow is action group and then international cafe. Tomorrow night my action group I am in is combining with one of the guy apartments and having dinner together. i am excited to do this. Thursday we are helping out with an event that is on the boardwalk called A Closer Walk. There is a place called Morey's Pier and we are going to help with the altar call. I am excited to see what this event will look and see to what the impact is has on these high schoolers!!!
Prayer Request:
~Love my roommates
~Have a loving/caring/gentle heart
~A Closer Walk

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