Thursday, July 22, 2010

Home Sick

Tuesday we went on a prayer scavenger hunt. We walked to all the different places we all work at and prayed. It was really cool. Tuesday night I cried myself to sleep. Valley of the grieving process really got me and I just really started to miss dad and stuff. I had yesterday off so I just relaxed and spent a lot of time with God. I went sharing with Mike last night. We went all the way past the convention center and we kept seeing people sharing with others. We thought maybe it was the Ocean City Summer Project kids here. Wrong-there is a chapel on the boardwalk and the people who run it were out sharing with people. We talked to Jake,Andrew and Grace. It was rather encouraging and even refreshing to seeing other believers like me out on the boardwalk sharing their faith. I kind of want to go to something on theirs one night to see what they talk about and stuff.
I am really starting to miss home, my bed, my family, my best friends and Toledo. I love being here and having this community but at the same time I am starting to miss everything I have always known. New Jersey is too hot for me, and I am starting to feel emotionally exhausted. Pray for me please

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