Monday, July 12, 2010

New me

Thursday night we said goodbye to the Staff. When we were praying for the leaders, the staff just left during prayer. What a goodbye!! Friday I worked and then hung out with Terah. We went to a lighthouse and sat on a rock. We spent some time with the Lord and then met Matt, Katy and Margo at this BBQ festival. It wasnt bad. We just walked around and looked at everything. We came back and walked to the beach to watch fireworks. Saturday I worked till noon and then we had the afternoon free. It was raining so I just watched some of 7th heaven with Sarah and then made the cinnamon rolls for project dinner. The theme was Brinner. It was super!! After dinner we had a few minutes before team meeting so I decided to join in the fun of volleyball. BAD idea! Got hit in the jaw with the ball!! After the meeting all the girls threw a surprise party for Erin. it was her 21st! We had mocktails and ate cake. We also had a dance party. I went to church and had family group yesterday. I went to the beach for an hour and a half. I wanted to go running yesterday and I went with Colin and Jake! Bad idea. I almost puked, it was super hot and they run crazy fast. We did a servant leadership thing before night of reflection. I am involved in the community team the rest of project and the girl leader Katy washed my feet. It was very humbling. I spent my night of reflection on the beach and God gave me an amazing sky picture as well :) I have to work at BK today and then tonight at the large meeting, I am giving my testimony. day off tomorrow! Terah and I are using our servant hearts and encouraging people with pancakes in the morning!! Love and miss everyone!
~Student loan went through
~Bill for fall is all paid for!
Prayer request:
~testimony goes smoothly
~learning to fall more in love with jesus
~being a huge community and holding each other accountable

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