Monday, August 2, 2010

dead fish and caught bouquets

Thursday I worked and then we had southern cooking' theme for project dinner. I didn't eat much because there wasn't enough for 44 of us. Afterwards we had a meeting and then prayed. i went to bed and got up at 230. Tyler took me to the airport and I arrived back in OHIO at 1030 :) Mom picked me up, we went home, i got my BCI/FBI thing done for school and then got my dress pressed. I took a shower and then went to the rehearsal and then dinner. it was alot of fun. The girls went back to Laura's house while the guys went to the beach to have a bonfire. Saturday i got up and got my hair and makeup done, and then i was dropped off at Laura's. We all got ready and then went to the church for pictures. We all looked so beautiful. At 4 we went into the church, I walked in with Cameron and walked out with Robbie and Brandon. Laura and Alex are married and their wedding was SOOO beautiful!! I'm so glad i got to celebrate with them. after the wedding, they rode around the block on a horse carriage. we took more pictures and then went to the reception. we did OHIO state theme since they both went there. They cut the cake, which Laura smashed into Alex's face and then tanner and mike gave their speeches. we ate and then danced. I found a dead beta fish on the table and tanner and i saved it and it swam away the rest of the night. I caught the bouquet and so if you re reading this don't worry i don't have a boyfriend and idk when my wedding will be. lol I had a huge delayed flight to GA yesterday and got into NJ at 630. Carolyn and Ciara picked me up. I shared my weekend, we got food and then I came back and went to bed. I cant believe there is only 12 more days of project. Insane. Love and miss you all

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