Thursday, August 5, 2010

9 and a surprise guest

I have decided I have to give credit to people who work in fast food. I cant do it. I got so upset yesterday at work because I taking orders in drive-thru, trying to get drinks, and food and trying to push out food all at once. I just couldn't do it and my boss wasn't helping me. i was trying not to cry my eyes out. only 4 more days there and then i will be an experienced fast food person who doesn't like to eat there either lol
I am going to breakfast with Dana and Nate. Dana got me plugged into Cru my freshman year at Toledo and they are on vacation and wanted to see me. so fun!! i am excited to see them both. I have work from 10-4 and then we are having our last project dinner tonight.. the theme is everything but the kitchen sink!!! Last provision/prayer party as well. Everything is starting to wind down. I have bought a few things to help me remember Wildwood when i am back in Sandusky/Toledo. Dave, Cary and Lauri are coming back here on Tuesday to finish out project with us. I am really starting to crave home and school friends though. I am very proud of myself for choosing this decision to go on a project. I will NEVER forget about it and it has DEFINITELY changed my life :)

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