Monday, August 9, 2010

Bug bites and swimming pools

Thursday went to Marvis Diner with Dana and Nate. I loved getting to see them and tell them about my summer and stuff!! I am glad I got to see familiar faces. I worked then we had our last project dinner-Everything but the Kitchen Sink. I have eaten so many carbs this summer and my tummy is quite upset with me. We had our last Community team meeting as well. We discussed Project Banquet. I hope that some of the stuff we have done this summer I can take back to Toledo and use it there. Friday I worked, ran, and then the directors had a movie night. We watched Where the Wild Things Are. That was such a strange movie. I only watched like half of it. Saturday I worked, played in the sun and then we had a Pancake Outreach from 9pm-midnight. My manager came and it was really fun. We made too much batter so we will basically be eating pancakes the rest of project but we live and learn. I am not sure if anyone came to Christ but there a lot of co-workers so maybe it did!! We had our last family group yesterday. Crest Community Church, which he preached the Gospel and poked fun at the Campus Crusaders. We went to Marvis for lunch and one of the guys in our group, Matt Bull, which we have 3 Matt's all together on this project, anyway he paid for our lunch. I was quite shocked he did that. After lunch, I drove to UpperTownship and met some family. I got to swim in a pool and eat a home cooked meal. it was alot of fun. Pray for Cindy, Eve, and Marlie. They are Jewish and Cindy seemed quite I'm not sure what about me being a Christian and my dad was a catholic and Idk it was quite a discussion if i say so myself about what I am doing this summer. I couldnt really focus during the last night of reflection. My mind was doing all over the place. I dont know why though. Today is my last day at Burger King!! Last weekly meeting tonight and then tomorrow some of us girls are going to take our manager out. We are getting her nails done, then lunch and then going to a free zoo in Cape May. I cant believe project is almost done. At the same time though, I am a little nervous to transition back to Toledo and live alone by myself.

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