Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Finding the Good in this?

First week of my last year at Toledo is over with and let me say this-I feel like Im back to the first week of project. Not liking this(living alone) and wanting to return to my comfort zone(project and wildwood) and at the same time I have to learn to Trust God again and to rely on Him that this is the plan He has for me. I know I gotta finish my last year of school, but at the same time Im scared to death!! I graduate in MAY, and have to become a real person with a REAL job and heck I dont even have a relationship even close to starting. *sigh* I am just learning to Trust and know that this is what God has for me. His plan is WAY bigger than anything else there is for me out there in this garbage world. Im still really missing my project friends and everything else there is about it and at the same time, I am enjoying being with my friends here-running, ultimate, rock climbing, random parties at my apartment, and just learning to be an adult. I still haven't started much school yet(what is homework?) but I am learning to be content with what I have right now. I may not have a roommate, but I like the quietness of not worrying about interupting quiet times or study habits or heck I dont have to be rude with the lights off at whatever time I decided to go to bed at!! I need to learn to find the GOOD in things and just TRUST.

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