Monday, August 23, 2010

Lonely Heart

I have been back in Toledo since Friday. I have seen a ton of friends, went to Nickel World, celebrated birthdays, got to a picnic, grocery shopping, church, and spent like a million hours at a table today telling people on campus to fill out a survery for a chance to win $200.
It is quite lonely living on my own. I feel like noone really wants to do stuff with me. I feel like everyone is so caught up in their lives and Im getting left behind. My apartment is so quiet and huge. I have way too much space. I dont know what to do with it all. I still need my futon put together and everything still. I love buying my own food and cooking though. I havent really had anything fancy. I did make tacos the first night I was in my apartment and valerie ate with me. Im praying the community on campus moves together as one. we come and just let this campus be on fire for the lord!! ahh!!! Today was my last first day of classes. bittersweet to think that in may i will actually be a college graduate! ahh!

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