Wednesday, August 11, 2010

4 more days

This week's theme is Community. God has taught me a TON about community this summer. i have experienced it in ways i have never had before and it has truly been a blessing to me to see how it has impacted my life this summer. This is the week of the last of project. Monday was the last weekly meeting. We did a weird game with a pie, and somehow i had to do it. i had to find mms in a pie. i found 17 out of the 20 so not bad i suppose! Monday was my last day at BK. Our manager Valarie gave us a card and a little thing. Mine is an angel that says a gift from god. i love it!! yesterday Sarah, Jen, Kelsey, Megan and i took val out on a girl date. we went and got our nails done and then to lunch. i am definitely going to miss val for a long time. god called us to bk for her. she needed us to encourage and to even pour into our lives. she was all of ours mother here in new jersey. I went to to beach afterwards with Colin Kelsey and Megan. we saw a ton of jelly fish in the ocean so we really didn't play in it that much. My action group met up one more time. Angela guirlene Lauren and i ate dinner with terah shuyue Margo and Brandi and then went to marvis diner for dessert. we talked, reflected and told each other their strengths and weaknesses. i am really praying that the lord continues to work in my life, for me to be more open hearted, to seek and find the Paul's in my life to pour and mentor me and then to even just focus on god see things through his eyes and not worry about my circumstances. today is a TON of debriefing and then project banquet. so crazy to think that project is basically almost over and then ill be heading back to Toledo. ahhh!

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