Tuesday, August 17, 2010


My bed is so much more quieter than my project bed. I dont share a room with 5 girls or a bathroom with 13 girls. I dont have to worry about people eating my food or paying to wash my clothes.
My home church has pews and we sing songs I actually know. We have altar calls and we dont eat breakfast while worshipping God.
I cant wait 4 blocks to the ocean, but I can drive 3 miles to the lake. I dont have to worry about jellyfish or random animals swimming by me while Im playing in the water.
I can run outside without dodging others and or dying from the heat. My schedule is very laid back right now and Im not always checkin the time to see what I need to get to next. I dont have to cook my meals and I dont have to worry where my car keys are at. I do however live in a house where noone is trying to encourage me in my faith or just asking me how I am really doing in life.
Home life is quite different than project life. Community here basically sucks and I am starting to feel like noone really loves me. I am just not sure how to really communicate what I did this summer to a family whom doesnt even believe in my faithful father. Im not sure how to approach that conversation either. I am starting to pack my stuff for school and I've realized I have a ton of stuff for my apartment but im not sure how it is all going to get there on Friday. Pray I continue to seek God, to let him help me through this transition and to lean on Him for his comfort and peace. On Friday Ill have community back and Ill also be living on my own. O boy

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