Thursday, September 9, 2010

Being Content

September must be the month of God doing GOOD things in my life. I am actually at a point in my life that I am content with being single. Wow that is such a shocker for me to say at this moment. And I love this new weather that is rolling in. I can break out hoodies and jeans and feel like I am enjoy the weather. I love fall-leaves, pumpkins, football games(toledo really u do suck) and just enjoying the crisp air of freshness. I have realized my hair is SUPER long right now and I love it. I can do whatever I want with it and not really worry about pieces being so funky in a pony! School is quite chill and relaxing at this moment. I don't feel stressed and I am quite okay with the whole living alone thing. Labor day weekend consisted of-curly locks, football games, trip to detroit, Lecrae, 2 hr car rides, little kids, walks, Arbys, 3 movies, a whole season of One Tree Hill, and relaxation. Another week of super senior is almost over and I cant believe that in a few weeks is fall get-away. my last one :/ so sad but at the same time it will be bittersweet. I am ready to see what all the lord does the rest of the semester with my life and here at Toledo. I am still missing project but at the same time, it will always have a place in my heart/life and I will NEVER forget any of it. I won't ever forget what all the Lord did in my life thats for sure!!

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