Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Friends, like older and same age and younger than me are either in relationships, engaged or married. I went to a shower on Saturday for a friend whom is getting married in Oct and I just recently had a friend get into a relationship and lately this part of life is soooo hard for me. I have a huge desire to be in a relationship and its not happening. Im really working on trusting god and stuff but its so hard. I just so want what the rest of my friends have.
This semester I'll be in a kindergarten classroom. Im excited but nervous at the same time. Its my last semester before I student teach and Im just hoping I do well this semester.
I feel like Im starting to get sick :( and I cant afford to get sick at this moment. *sigh*
I am loving being able to work out like every day and just be in a normal routine with life. I loved project but man did i feel like i didnt have "me" time. now i have all this time and arent sure what to do with all of it! hah

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