Tuesday, June 29, 2010

NOT giving up

Thursday night we had international cafe'. I walked around with Dan and Lily to hand out flyers for Saturday. On Saturday we had a free BBQ. We had a lot of people come. I talked to around 5-6 people that are from Spain. I couldn't really talk to them but one of the girls here could so I found her and she talked to them. Sunday we had a night of reflection. I was sitting on the beach, reading the word and spending time with God. While I was sitting here, I noticed the broken seashells in the sea. I see them all the time, but this time I REALLY noticed them. I picked one up and the Lord told me that is you. I am a broken seashell, but unlike it I can be put back together. The Lord is healing my heart. I am handling the grieving process pretty good right now. I have also been set free from my self-image. I am fearfully and wonderfully made from God. Last night we had a meeting and Lauri, one of the directors, talked about freedom. I am free to LOVE, SERVE, and be ME. Pray that I can truly recognize this. O, and I finished a journal yesterday. I started it on the 5th and yeah. Journal 1 of WWSP is done. Whoa that is insane. I am not giving up on having a positive attitude and placing truth in my life. If you can think of any scripture or words of encouragement to help me in this process, please let me know.
PRAYER Request:
~talk to my coworker Bobby
~Continue to heal
~Continue to see beauty inside of me
~Continue to surrender my failures to the Lord
~Have my heart and mind transformed into a positive light attitude

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