Monday, June 21, 2010


Friday night a whole group of us went and saw Toy Story 3. I liked it alot, but I did shed some tears at the end. Saturday I went sharing with John and it was amazing! We used Soularium, which is a tool Campus Crusade uses to get into conversations. It has 5 questions and people use pictures to answer these questions. I like this tool alot because it gets into pretty deep conversations. The second group we talked to was a group of 4 girls. They were all college age and we had a really indepth spiritial talk with them. None of them came to christ but it was good to talk to people and have them ask us questions and stuff. Saturday night was men/womens night and the women we went on a dolphin watch. It was sooo amazing!! I loved watching the sunset and being reminded of God's beauty and peace that He can give His children. I thought it was awesome the captain of the boat drove right next to a pod of dolphins and they played hide and seek with us. Yesterday was the first church service I went to since dad died. Yesterday was rough. I cried during my quiet time, crid twice in church. I wasnt having a good day. I didnt want to go to church but at the same time my friend Carolyn was very supportive of me as a sister in Christ and was there for me in my time of need. The community here on project is so much more amazing than anything i have ever experienced. I have to work today and then we have our weekly meeting tonight. Im praying I can spend some wonderful time with the Lord tomorrow on my day off and with my discipler. Pray for my heart as it is feeling very heavy and sad. I am also feeling adequate and not worthy of being a women of god. Love you all

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