Sunday, June 6, 2010

Littl Update

Well I am starting to feel better about being here. I have connected with a few girls here. I am starting to be confident in telling others my story and not being afraid of what others may think.
We have gone out sharing twice already and I am pumped to do it more. I have a job for the summer-Burger King. Pray for the people I will come into contact with and that they will be open to what we have to say. I work with 3 other girls that are here on project. There is a deaf student here and we all get to learn sign language. I am pumped to learn alot this summer!!!
It is very HOT here!! I almost passed out yesterday. It is so gross and icky feeling here!!!
Pray that I start to feel more confident that the Lord is doing crazy stuff in my heart and mind. I love and miss you all!

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