Tuesday, June 15, 2010

SunShine and Jesus Loving

I have been at Burger King for a week now. I am starting to feel more comfortable there. It is still a rough environment for me to be in but I am starting to get used to it. Last week we had a Mexican dinner theme on Wednesday and tomorrow is Disney!! I am pumped to see what movie everyone will come up with. Every Thursday we have an International Cafe-I prayed for it last week. Pray that internationals come to communicate with Americans and we can go into spiritual conversations. Saturday we had an outreach day, and I went with a guy named Tim. We didn't get to talk to many people, but I am still praying that one of these days this summer I will lead someone to Christ!! Saturday night we had a Women's night and I become very vulnerable, telling all the girls and staff on this project some of the struggles I have dealt with in my life. Pray that I continue to share my heart with the women here. Tonight we are doing some crazy things involving wearing athletic clothing. O boy! I am loving it here. Mom and brother came to visit me on Sunday and it was good to see people from OHIO!! Continue to pray for me as Sunday is Father's Day and I am missing dad more and more as time goes on here in Wildwood. Also pray that hearts get opened and people want to accept Jesus into their hearts. I love and miss everyone.

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