Thursday, June 24, 2010


The Lord has been doing crazy things in my heart with the grieving process. I have been feeling a lot of pain and hurt coming to the surface. I have been emotionally drained the last few days because I have been just crying a lot. I am starting to feel like I am slowly healing from losing my dad.
Some people know that I have been struggling with my self image. Well the Lord finally broke me free from everything last night. I went to bed feeling weightless and this morning I woke up feeling so amazing. I had such a great attitude at work. I am starting to feel tired right now, but man I am so excited to see what else the Lord is going to do in my life the rest of my time here in Wildwood.
Pray that I continue to renew my spirits from God, to keep believing all of the truths into my heart. I want to stay this crazy and happy the rest of my life!!

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