Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I just want to CRY and CRY. I applied to a school district for some teaching positions. I was so confident. I feel like this is what the Lord wanted for me. It was a Christian school. I got a letter today saying that all the positions are filled. I didnt even get an interview. Do you know how hurt I am right now? Seriously thats not EVEN fair :( UGH I am so disappointed. I just want to cry. Or eat a TON of donuts. I want to eat my feelings right now :( I just really needed to vent. That is all. If you want, please leave me some encouragement or a laugh or something. Cause right now I need something :( :(


Ellie said...

hiii girl! I just found you through Lindsay. :) ahhh I am really sorry that you're feeling so crabby. I know how it feels to have my own expectation of something and not get it done that way. I hope you continue to seek the Lord's will and know that NO MATTER WHAT He wants the BEST for you and has greater plans for you sista! He works all things for the good of those who love Him. May He comfort you and give you a vision of the great things to come in your life! Hang in there. I had a really tough week too, and I realized that it's all part of Him teaching me my true identity in Him. :)
In Christ,

H. said...

I stumbled across your blog but just wanted to share some love. Girl, I feel ya! I've been going through the same situation lately where I have been putting in applications all over & then some- a few of the jobs I felt so confident in, but alas, I have had one interview and then was rejected. It's been a real struggle these days but I've been reminded that God really does place us exactly where we need to be. It doesn't always make sense, but He will give us exactly what we need exactly when we need it. It's been tough but I know it will all come together at some point and then I can look back on this time in my life and laugh about my frustration and doubt. Be encouraged. I know you'll find your place.