Thursday, May 10, 2012

What I like about this past week

~Last Friday subbed for fifth graders and it wasn't too bad
~On Saturday I watched two five year old girls play soccer. Went to a tea party and ate kinda bad :(
~Sunday I had a HUGE meltdown and really was struggling with my relationship with the Lord, feeling as if he was deserting me and all sorts of emotions.
~Monday I subbed for a high school Math teacher and it was also Senior Skip Day Needless to say, my day was seriously a joke.  I am so glad I didn't have to teach because it was all the icky math that is the devil itself!  I then hung out with an older lady fro my church-walked around the mall, got dinner and then saw the Lucky one
~Tuesday I grabbed lunch with a lady from my church and that is about all I did
~Yesterday I was suppose to sub but it got cancelled.  I worked out, then had a meeting with a guy to talk about possibly supporting him and his family with Cru.  I then had youth group later on
~Today I subbed for two hours for a Biology teacher and I learned all about cladograms.  Yeah please dont ask me what it is. To this moment I still dont know what it is! haha
~Tomorrow I am subbing for a high school English teacher and then going to a surprise birthday party.  I would rather be seeing friends or going to NYC but its okay.  Im over it  Saturday doing nothing and Sunday is Mothers day but my mom is working all day long so I will be sitting at home doing nothing.

I have been doing alright with the eating healthy.  I did eat a small Frosty yesterday though.  I wish it was warmer because I wanna get tan.

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