Saturday, June 23, 2012

Its a HOT one out there!!

Grad party last Saturday was fun! I got to babysit during it so it was easy as cake!!  Sunday was church, drove to grandma's and then grabbed dinner with my aunt, uncle and grandma :)
Monday was my interview---lets just say this: I stood at a desk for 10 minutes and then got completely ignored by two grown men while they talked in ARABIC and then one of them decided to take me back to a closet sized office and I waited in there for 35 minutes till the principal came and got me.  I looked at a schedule-which showed they learned Arabic and then a uniform paper-headpieces while I was waiting. After I noticed all this, I actually almost got up and left.  I knew right then and there the Lord had shut that door completely.  The interview itself was 20 minutes top.
The next four days I worked 8-4.  I didnt run any of those days because it was HOT outside, like over 90 and there is NO way I was gonna pass out from running!!  I havent had ANY sweets in a week :) GO ME!!! I did spinning this morning and it KICKED my trash!!!  I went to Red Robin with a youth student last night and that was really fun :)
I laid out in the sun for an hour today and now Im finishing up some baking before I head over to babysit and   spend my evening with three kiddos. Church, grad party, lay out, and youth group tomorrow.  I am getting so so proud of my dark skin I am getting :) YEAH!!!  Off to get ready :)

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