Friday, June 8, 2012


Let's see here....Last weekend I really didn't do much.  I baked 30 muffins and watched 6 chick flicks on Saturday alone. Sunday I watched 3 more and went on a walk with my friend Rich.  Let's just say there is definitely flirting and fun, but we will see where it goes :)
I started my summer job on Monday and this week has been very OVERWHELMING!  Tuesday I ended up crying in my supervisors office for 45 minutes because I just felt like I couldn't handle it.  Daycare is something that I am VERY much NOT used to.  This is out of my comfort zone.  I have ran a total of 4 miles since Monday, and I am going to run 2 tonight after work before I have to get ready to go watch a few girls I know in a dance recital.  I am excited!!  This weekend my brother is hopefully coming home!!! EEEK!!!!  I am going to hang out with him tomorrow and work on my tan :)  Also attend a spinning class in the morning and go to church on Sunday!!  I am also gonna try to see if I can squeeze in a little ice cream date with my favorite kiddos that I love and miss so so dearly!!!  If not, there is always next weekend!!  I am very very tired and I dont want to go to work today.  I have a migraine and I just dont feel very well.  O well

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Cotter Crunch said...

and you forgot to pray in between. hehe