Sunday, June 10, 2012

Raindrops on Roses

Friday I got to leave work at 230 so I came home, ran 2 miles, ate dinner with my mom and then got ready to go watch a recital.  O my goodness !! It was SO SO cute!!!
Yesterday I went to spin-which KICKED my butt, then my friend Becki took me and a little 2 yr old she was watching for the day to get doughtnuts :)      Afterwards I went over to her house with her and hung out with her and the 2 yr old till like 4 :)  I came home, showered, watched Narnia and just had a night where I baked another 30 muffins and felt lonely lonely.
I went to church this morning--where the sermon was about putting different situations in our lives into boxes. That we need to identify them, hand them over to God and not to worry about them!!!  He will take care of all of our fears, troubles, doubts :)  I ran 2 miles this afternoon and laid out for an hour.
I have work Monday-Friday this week, youth on Wednesday, Choir on Thursday and MAYBE a date on Friday ;)  If not then it will happen eventually!!!  I hope you all have a great week :)

O and I have a question.....Can you all be praying for me? I just really have been struggling with the whole not being able to find a teaching job. Its so so hard to see my teaching friends have jobs, and it just SUCKS bc I really want one.   Thanks

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