Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Right now I'm sitting in the house of the youth pastor of my church. Him and his wife are at a conference in GA and I am housesitting. I have filled out three applications today to try to get a teaching job for next year. Im waiting for a call to try to find a summer job. I am waiting to see if I will get a call from the school district I applied to earlier this week. I am waiting for summer to come. I am waiting to hear back when Tim and Meg are coming home. I am waiting to see if I am babysitting tonight. I feel like I am doing a lot of waiting. A lot of waiting to see what is in God's plan for my life. Its times like these that I am so so glad that I have a relationship with God. I can trust that He has a plan for me because His word tells me this! I know that if I keep trusting, something will happen.

I ended up subbing 4 days last week. It was really good to know that I am starting to get more days, more calls to sub. WHOO!! Sat. I about died during spinning, but I made it through. I went to a funeral and then babysat. Sunday I ran 3.5 miles OUTSIDE :) and it was glorious!!! No pain or anything!! I subbed yesterday and I was suppose to be in a preschool today but they didn't have enough kiddos to let me stay so I had to leave :( boo Dentist appointment at 340, and possibly babysitting at 440. Maybe they will pay me since they do have a kid this week that isn't theirs? I pray I do, if nots its okay.

So what is going on in your life? Anything you would like me to pray for? Let me know :)

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